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5 Common Mistakes About Jewellery That You Should Avoid


Jewelry is popular amongst men and women alike for the unique ways in which they can enhance the beauty and appearance of their complete attire. When jewelry is worn to complement your style and fashion, oftentimes certain mistakes are made that can lead to over-accessorizing your outfit. The following tips will help you avoid common errors that are made when wearing jewelry.

1. Extra Focus on Clothing

When accessories are worn in an unbalanced manner in relation to the clothing, the jewelry loses its shine. Wearing too many pieces of clothing such as a scarf with a jacket and shirt along with a diamond-studded necklace will lead the jewelry to look dull in comparison to the entire outfit. Heavy jewelry is made to impress and to be the center of attention. It is best complemented by wearing monotone or monochromatic colored clothes and by avoiding too many colors in one look, which would draw the attention away from the jewelry itself. Light jewelry on the other hand, can be worn in combination with any type of outfit, as they are made to add more glamour to an outfit. 

2. Purchasing Jewelry that is Ill-Fitted

It is absolutely essential to pick up jewelry that fits you well in terms of size as well as shade and color. When purchasing a bracelet, ensure that the length is customized to your wrist – the same goes for rings, anklets, and necklaces. Furthermore, an important aspect that is often sidelined is that a jewelry piece must match well with the undertones of your skin. 

For skin types with a cool undertone, light colored metals like platinum and white gold are best suited. For neutral undertones, both white and yellow metals match well with the skin tone and complexion. Warm undertones are better linked with yellow tone metals like rose gold, brass and yellow gold. 

3. Wearing A Lot of Jewelry

Wearing a lot of jewelry can majorly undermine your look and outfit. This is why it is important to remember that less is more and choosing a fewer number of jewelry pieces can work perfectly well enough. Your clothes must never be overpowered by the jewelry you wear, instead, their style must be enhanced with it.  

This can be done by not wearing multiple rings and bracelets along with a watch on the same hand. It is also advisable to keep a more balanced jewelry look by distributing them equally throughout the body. Stacking too many necklaces of different kinds and colors can lead to such an imbalance. A statement necklace with a bangle on one hand and a ring on the other is a good combination for a neutral and well-put-together look. 

4. Not Being Occasion Appropriate

Depending on the occasion and atmosphere of the event that you are to attend, appropriate jewelry must be selected. Especially while getting ready for meetings or work, it is more advisable to wear a watch as your primary piece of jewelry. A thin necklace that is not encrusted with any gemstones can also be worn in combination with the timepiece for a further enhanced look. This works best for both men and women in all walks of life. For cocktail parties and events alike, there is more freedom to choose and wear more jewelry that compliments your outfit.  

5. Improper Care

When wearing your jewelry, it is recommended to keep it away from perfumes, lotions, and other chemicals that can reduce its luster. It is also advisable to keep it away from constant contact with water. A good rule of thumb is to wear your clothing first and then put on any jewelry as this will keep the jewelry safe from gaining any scratches while also ensuring that your outfit does not get entangled. 

If you have an allergy to any metals, then choosing non-reactive metals like gold and platinum is the safest choice for you. You can then ensure that the metal does not tarnish over time and also protect your skin from any reactions. 

By avoiding the above-listed mistakes, you can boost your sense of style and appearance while keeping up with the current fashion trends that suit you best. To learn more about errors that should be avoided when taking care of your jewelry, contact your custom jewelry specialist and enquire about the best ways in which you can keep them looking new after every use. 

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