5 Watch Customizations That Can Make Your Luxury Watch Perfect


A luxury wristwatch is more than just an accessory that tells the time; it can be a bold statement about who someone is, their particular interests, and their sense of style. Our specialists design custom diamond-set watches with only their owner in mind. So anything a person desires for their unique timepiece can be obtained with ease. As the number of customizations that exist is simply infinite, in this article, we will be looking at five of them to ensure a watch is perfect in every way.

Change the dial

The dials are the face of the watch. Therefore, this is an excellent place to start customizing a timepiece. The color and metal can be changed according to preference. Even the way the numbers appear can be adjusted. If an individual wants roman numerals instead of stones, our custom watch specialists can include that for them. Altering the style and metal of the hands is also another way to personalize a watch. 

Bedazzle the Bezel

The bezel of the watch is a feature that can be modified to enhance an individual’s personality and style. Since luxury equates to glamour and exuberance, most people opt to put some bling on their bezel. From diamonds and sapphires to aquamarines and citrine, the list of jewels that can be inserted into a watch is endless. If a person appreciates a bit of sparkle in their timepiece, then adding precious stones will be a good call.

Transform the Strap

Since straps are an essential part of a watch that everyone notices, customizing it will be wise. The metal, fabric, and even the style can be changed according to one’s wishes. If a person wishes to keep the strap but give it a new spin, they can consult with our watch specialists and see what available transformation works best. Maybe it could be an intricately designed strap that will turn eyes wherever they go or even a simple, studded one that lights up the whole room. The choices are endless.

Engrave your signature

In the end, there is nothing that can make a watch more exclusive and personalized than a signature. Each signature is unique to its owner; therefore, it creates an indelible bond between them and their timepiece. The signature location is entirely up to them; however, popular sites include the case back, dial and buckle.

If you wish to own a luxurious bespoke watch, then contact us at Cagau. You can either visit our showrooms or our websites to get in touch with our very own custom diamond watch specialists. We are experts at crafting the watch of your dreams.

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