5 Ways To Customize Your Rolex Watch To Suit Your Style


Almost 115 years ago, a young visionary by the name of Hans Wildorf found a company to distribute specialized timepieces and Rolex was born. Side note here. Interesting story about how the name came into being. According to Hans, “a genie whispered Rolex into my ear.” 

When there is such “magic” involved in even the name of a company, you know the product is nothing sort of special. But while Rolex began with the concept of one-of-a-kind timepieces, it is Wildorf’s forward-thinking eagerness to invent wristwatches for the public that really put the company on the map. A watch worn on the wrist which is not only reliable but incredibly elegant is what Rolex has stood for since the beginning of its time, all pun intended. 

Where luxury watches are considered, Rolex already reigns supreme and many people pay a serious amount of money for its minimalist and pristine look. However, more and more are looking to add their own personal touch to these epic beauties. It could be anything, including adding a little sparkle on the bezel, carving a family crest on the caseback, changing the material of the strap, sprinkling it with a little diamond love, or asking for an attention-grabbing dial.

At Cagau, we take pride in customizing authentic Rolex watches which will not only continue to be worthy in a classic sense but offer a uniqueness unparalleled by any other. The question here really is which one is right for your style? 

Razzle Bezel


You know that little ring on the top of your watch around the crystal called the bezel, well it can go through a makeover as well. Traditional Rolex designs come with a smooth bezel and can range from flat to domed. You can spot these designs in diamond and gem-stone bezels too. Its sport and professional line of watches come with a variety of bezels including rotating timing bezels which are marked with a 60-minute scale, 24-hour bezel which are, no prizes for guessing, equipped with a 24-hour scale and Tachymeter, which are fitted with chronograph functions for measuring speed based on travel time and computing distance based on speed given. Then, of course, there are the coveted gem-encrusted bezels offering optimal beauty, color and sparkle. Whichever you go with and make your own, remember you can always up the ante later on. Rainbow-colored sapphires anyone?


If you’re wearing a Rolex you’re probably feeling somewhat special already but another way to multiply this euphoria is by adding a little touch of your own to it. Getting something engraved on the caseback is the best bet but Rolex itself rarely offers engraving service unless you’re a longtime employee or dignitary. Our experts, however, will be more than happy to use the caseback of your Rolex as their canvas to “paint” something precious. Whether it’s your anniversary date or a sweet note to your loved one, we’ve got you covered. Of course one of the most popular requests is to have a name inscribed on it. 

What’s in a name? This Shakespearean dialogue may have been enough for the likes of Romeo and Juliet but it certainly is not the case for everyone. Let’s be honest, people love seeing their name in print whether it’s on a piece of stationary, a type of clothing, on the Diamond Vision Screen at Yankee Stadium or – wait for it – on a luxury watch of the ultimate kind. For those few who’d rather skip seeing their name eternalized, never fear. There are options galore to choose from including ornate patterns snaking all the way down to the bracelet and simple carvings displaying your sense of style.

Strap Your Watch

Now if you’re not looking to permanently transform your luxury watch, changing the strap is the best way to go forward. This simple yet economical way can help modernize your traditional wrist piece or refurbish the “old school” look if necessary. And we’re not begrudging that look here at all. The original factory Rolex metal straps are as robust as they come, which is why changing out the bracelet may never cross your mind. But if it does for reasons pertaining to, let’s just say, boredom, the options are extensive ranging from 904L stainless steel to solid 18K gold and even 950 platinum. 

If you’re in the market for a little more versatility, opt for a quality rubber or silicone strap which is hardwearing, comfortable, and casual to lend a little sportiness to your business suit. If tradition is your cup of tea, a classic leather strap is always a welcome addition to a formal and professional appearance. 

Diamonds Can Be Everyone’s Best Friend

Just because you’re a man doesn’t mean you can’t sport a few gems on your wrist piece. For that matter, just because you’re a woman doesn’t mean those diamonds can’t be bold in color. A row of stones on a classic luxury watch is like a signature bonnet decoration on a vintage car, not functional but eternally chic. A Rolex can do justice without this chic addition, of course, but with it, the sky’s the limit. 

It doesn’t come as any surprise that the diamonds used in Rolex watches are individually chosen and set for particular watches making it impossible for any two exclusive watches to be alike. Employing a large number of gemologists and jewelers helps the company ensure the authenticity and quality of the diamonds they are providing. If, however, you purchased a simple Rolex many years ago and are looking to make some dazzling changes now, head out to an uber-professional and highly-experienced custom-watch specialist in Dubai to make this dream a reality.

Show Off Your Clock Face

Original Rolex dials come in blue, black, white, silver, champagne, and Mother of Pearl, but just because it’s a Rolex doesn’t mean you can’t add your personal sense of style to it. Or maybe because it’s a Rolex, it deserves your individual touch. A custom dial can be represented by striking color, an inscribed message, or an embossed image. 

Dials themselves can also be made from semi-precious stones like opal or onyx. One thing to keep in mind before you head out with a strong heart and a clear mind to transform your silver dial into a bright pink one, Rolex does not acknowledge any changes to their products so you will have to find an alternate mode of servicing in the future.

Watches are worn for several reasons, whether practical or not. Style is an individual sense of self and can be tweaked accordingly. The combination of the right watch to suit your particular style is the million-dollar question. The right answer here lies more in the psychological realm. The more practical truth is personal style is what you want to make of it. Luxury watches are a beautiful addition to any collection and custom-made watches are the icing on that cake. Rolex, to already begin with, brings a valuable range of details to life, but now there are countless options, which can truly make these classics yours in every aspect.

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