6 Things To Look Out For That Can Damage Your Watch


Luxurious timepieces such as customised watches require exceptional care and the utmost attention to detail. Several factors play an important role in determining the level of damage that your watch can bear. One of the essentials of watch safekeeping is knowing the various steps you can take towards ensuring that your custom made watch remains safe.  

Prevent The Watch From Falling

Watches are purposely constructed in a way to ensure that they can last for a long period of time, although, if a watch bears excessive pressure and falls, it can face potential damage. Often, the internal mechanisms remain unharmed to a certain degree; however, the external appearance of a watch can end up facing various wears and tears. Prevention techniques such as handling your watch with care and having it regularly maintained are extremely useful in avoiding any future damages. 

Extreme Temperature Changes

Extreme temperature changes have the potential to harm your watch. In either hot or cold conditions, your watch can cease to work due to the damages to the watch’s internal mechanisms. Being exposed to stark temperature changes can cause your watch’s functions to slow down or stop working altogether. The interference with the internal mechanisms can cause inaccuracy within timekeeping. Neutral weather conditions are optimal for your watch’s safety and protection.  

Magnetic Fields

Magnetic fields have the ability to impact the accuracy of the time shown on your watch if it is within a close range. Electromagnetic fields found in areas with appliances or magnets can stand in the way of the internal functions of your watch, leading to severe issues with the whole system. It is best advised to avoid areas with magnetic fields whilst wearing your watch. 

Exposure To Chemicals & Water

One should avoid exposing their watch to any wet surfaces and in the instance, it does become wet, it should be immediately sent for any damage detection. If you visit the sauna or go for a swim with your watch on, it can be exposed to water, moisture and intense heat that can potentially make your watch stop working. 

Gemstones such as sapphires that are engraved onto high-end luxury watches can be affected in their luster when exposed to chemicals that can remove their anti-reflective coating. One can find these chemicals commonly within perfumes, cosmetics, and cleaning products; therefore, you should avoid spraying chemical products anywhere near your watch.  

Wrong Functions

During a specific time frame from 9 PM to 3 AM, it is recommended that one should avoid resetting the watch. The gears in your watch are responsible for changing the dates within this time range and any changes done can damage the internal movements and cause inaccuracies in the date and timekeeping. 

Watch Winding

A watch requires winding at regular intervals because watch winding maintains the internal functions of the watch through constant movements; however, it is preferable that the winding should be done by taking off your watch. Essentially, watch winding is done at a certain angle that can only be achieved if you are not wearing the watch. If the watch is wound on your wrist, then there is a chance that it is being done at a wrong angle that can pull out the crown of your watch and tamper the internal functions of the timepiece. 

Customised watches require an unmatched level of care and service that can only be provided once you follow every necessary instruction and advised steps in order to avoid further damages.

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