A Detailed Look At The History Of Precious Gemstones


Gemstones have been the pinnacle of wealth and success for thousands of years. They have an incredible history, from gracing the crowns of powerful monarchs to being set on custom-made luxury watches. In this article, we will be exploring the past of two of our beloved jewels.


The world was introduced to diamonds in India, where royalty and nobles would adorn themselves with this stunning stone. Europeans who set sail to India for trade were mesmerized by the stone’s beauty and brought them back to their continent, where they won the upper classes’ amazement. They promptly became the gem of choice for Monarchs and the upper class. They were embedded in everything, from their opulent crowns to elaborate necklaces and even custom luxury watches. They were also the gem of choice for royal gifts because of their allure. However, this didn’t last.

The revolutions which began in the late 16th century brought about a massive redistribution of wealth and diamonds began to grace the wardrobe of those who previously were in the lower classes. They were also sought by common folk because they believed these gems would protect them from ghosts and evil eyes. As a result of these beliefs and the high value of the stone itself, diamond jewelry became an heirloom piece, passed down through generations. 

Mothers would gift the jewelry to their daughters on their wedding day; the latter would pass it to their children, and so on. This made diamonds a sentimental object that was beloved and treasured by many, as it contained ancestors’ memories.

Even to date, there is no gemstone as iconic and revered as the diamond. No matter where someone is in the world, owning a diamond would be one of their greatest desires. This is because the gemstone’s beauty is unparalleled, and their elegance is unmatched.


These gemstones have been popular for thousands of years. While many would think that they are blue, the truth is they come in a range of shades, although cornflower blue is sought more. Sapphires were beloved by many ancient kingdoms and religions. The ancient Greeks and Romans believed that they would protect their wearer from harm and envy. Ancient Persians thought it was due to the reflection of sapphires that the sky was blue. The Catholic Church also shared this belief. In the middle ages, the gems were worn by the clergy to represent heaven, while common folk believed that the stones attracted divine blessings and healed sickness. Buddhists thought that the gemstone provided spiritual enlightenment. 

For centuries, the supply of sapphires, unlike diamonds, has been spread out across the world, and while they were a gemstone used mainly by monarchs and clergy, they have since become more obtainable by regular people. Nowadays, sapphires are considered a stone that signifies romance and passion. One would find them on most engagement rings and anniversary jewelry.

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