A Detailed Look At What A Watch Servicing Offers

A watch servicing entails many steps that involve both repairs as well as replacement of parts that help the entire timepiece to function optimally. There are many factors present in our environment that affect the operations of a watch on a daily basis and these can be countered and corrected in a servicing session. 

Your customized watch specialist will thoroughly check the status and longevity of each part and accordingly have it changed to ensure that the watch keeps going till the next session. All of these steps are detailed below for your convenience so that you stay informed on the benefits that a watch servicing session can provide for your luxury timepiece. 

Evaluating Movement

The movement of the watch refers to the internal mechanics that keep a watch function and displaying information as needed. Due to factors such as electricity and magnetism that are produced and conducted by electrical appliances and gadgets surrounding your daily lifestyles, your watch can lose its speed and become magnetized. This results in the watch displaying incorrect information and slowing down considerably. 

To counter these effects and effectively have the mechanics restored to its perfect setting, a watch servicing can fix the smallest of gears and springs and remove any signs of rust and wear. Baths are also prepared to have each part cleaned and lubricated to ensure that the functioning continues as expected, once the parts are reassembled for use. As the movement is central to the timepiece’s functioning, a servicing can be of optimal help in restoring its functions and providing the best benefits out of the session. 

Internal And External Checks

When a horologist or watch expert begins to deconstruct a watch to evaluate each aspect of its functioning, both internal and external parts come into a review. Many times, it is the external features such as the dial at the face of the watch that has gained a crack over time and is affecting the features of the face. When either your bezel, straps, or crown are damaged due to specific harsh forces or gradual wear and tear, they can impact the operations of your watch adversely. These aspects can be evaluated by your watch expert and replaced or repaired as needed to resolve the watch functions.

The internal checks pertain more towards the internal gears of your mechanical watch or the automation mechanics of your automatic wristwatch. Any gears that have worn out over time are replaced as needed and even oiled to ensure that enough lubrication is present to keep the clockworks moving. Any springs and gears are fixed as needed and are repaired to ensure it resumes normal working standards long after the servicing has been completed.

Ultrasonic Cleaning

Cleaning the watch thoroughly from the inside out takes into consideration each link and part that is important to its function as well as appearance. Depending on the strap your custom luxury watch has, the straps are appropriately cleaned with cleansers created for your watch brand’s produced materials. This removes any remnants of sweat, grime, and dust present and also eliminates the possibility of the straps becoming dry or rusted in the future. 

Any crevices of your watch are also cleaned using ultrasonic techniques that thoroughly have the brackets as well as the case of the watch replaced to its new condition. This allows for neat conditions to persist without having to deconstruct every part of the timepiece to its smallest components. This helps your watch stay healthy for a long period of time and last as an heirloom to be passed on from one generation to another. 

To have your luxury timepiece serviced and restored, you can bring your watch to our store, Cagau, and avail the above benefits of a custom made watch servicing session. With professionals that specialize in such intricate expertise, your watch will appear and work as a brand new one right after the service. 

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