A Guide To Choosing The Perfect Customized Watch


Customised watches are designed to cater to different preferences and allow people to pick the designs for their watches by themselves. Every aspect of custom made watches is carefully considered and crafted to produce the impressive fusion of dials, watch bracelets, and gemstones. Customised watches are the embodiment of creative freedom because you can choose from an assortment of designs that will also allow your personality to shine through. Here are a few detailed components of a watch that you can consider to customize: 

The Bezel

Bezels are an integral part of the customised watches. You can add any combination of gemstones and diamonds to create a unique look just for you. A mixture of rainbow sapphire and white diamonds creates the classic bezel for a luxury watch. Gemstones can be found in a range of colors that add various hues to your watch and enhance the look of it.  

You can either opt for uniform gemstone colors for the bezel or form a mixture of different shades in order to achieve unity within the custom design. Bezels made entirely of black diamonds are a fancier option if you want to go for a customised watch specially made for certain occasions. Meanwhile, white and black diamonds create the perfect contrast between colors best suited for any watch type. 

The Strap

Different watch bands are renowned for their quality and their ability to enhance the appearance of your custom made watch. An oyster brand is of a sturdier make and it is truly worth its value. Featuring a gorgeous three-piece link design, an oyster band is an attractive feature to add to your watch along with different gemstone designs. 

The president bands have the same three-piece linked design as the oyster band but the president band boasts a smaller and intricate linked pattern in comparison. A jubilee bracelet also contains a combination of three-piece link designs, but the wide linked pattern is situated between two wide links on the side. With dotted patterns of diamonds across the straps, you can highlight the designs of the bracelets as well as the whole look of the watch. 

Whilst these bands are available in the market, you can create a new look by adding various gemstones in fresh patterns of your liking onto the straps. Rainbow sapphires are a superb option to add to the watch bracelets. They compliment the oyster, president, and jubilee band by bringing attention to their linked designs. If the gemstones are attached to the design of these bracelets, they can accentuate the special attributes of the bands. The finest quality of diamonds and gemstones supplied by the top providers in Russia, Australia, Canada, and India.

Jewels And Diamonds

Jewels and diamond embellishments have been a staple in men’s watches throughout the years. There is a vast variety of gemstones that are well-suited for each style and preference. An elegant and flawless look can be achieved through diamond engravings on the dial’s surface or around the bezel. 

The engravings are found on several watch bracelets as well, giving it a dignified look. Gemstones and diamonds are found in a blend of different shapes, specially cut into different sizes. Gemstones come in various colors and each stone carries a special symbolic meaning that you can bring everywhere with you in the form of your watch.  

The gemstones used in the customisation process are acquired from different leading suppliers around the globe. The quality of diamonds and gemstones used is exceptional and ensures a perfect custom made watch design and at Cagau, we can take your watch design a step further and create a complete unique look for you.

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