A Guide To Creating The Best Bespoke Jewelry Designs For Men

When it comes to creating jewelry for men, there is a grand variety of designs to choose from until you find the perfect one that fits all your needs and desires. Creating bespoke jewelry from scratch can be a definite challenge given the large number of designs that can be used to create one unique piece. From rings, bracelets to necklaces, men can accessorize outfits with just the right jewelry to complement their own suave style. To design your own brand of bespoke jewelry, you can take advantage of this intricate guide that has been drafted for your convenience.

Breaking Down The Design:


When you start crafting your favorite jewelry piece, it comes all down to planning the basics. This begins with choosing the right color and type of metal that will hold the entire design together. You can choose from yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, or even platinum depending on the color you desire. White gold and platinum offer shine and hue similar to that of silver and can complement well with any gemstone of your choice or as an independent, simple, and plain design as well. 

Yellow gold, true to its name it appears yellow in color and can be used to insert gemstones that fall in the warm end of the color spectrum. Rose gold appears a lot like the color of copper metal and can be used like white gold or platinum to include gemstones that can be identified at the cool end of the color scale. You can also mix different metals and produce an urbane piece of jewelry that truly houses your style and fashion to its very core. 


Gemstones offer that extra pop in color that will make your jewelry design appear as a debonair piece that resonates sophistication and elegance like no other. Be it emerald, rubies, diamonds, black stones, or even rainbow sapphires, you can craft your jewelry to look exceptional with the addition of any of these gems. Rubies, sapphires, and emeralds, in particular, are stones that complement well with any of the above-mentioned metals and provide the extra flair of refinement that a jewelry piece needs. 

Diamonds are well suited for white colored metals as the intricate shine of this tone can be well captured and displayed in this hue, same for black stones. You can get any of these encrusted onto your preferred choice of metal and bring to life the design that you have crafted.

Bringing It All Together

Once the small details have been decided upon taking into consideration the outfit and occasion for use, the entire piece can be brought together with the help of your bespoke jewelry maker. You can browse through a collection of mood boards available online or even go through your preferred jeweler’s portfolio to gain inspiration for a design that resonates with your ideas and needs. Any idea can also be developed personally or together with your jewelry maker with a rough sketch that encompasses all the aspects you are looking to have covered within the design. 

With current trends, using a chain-like pattern, a symbol encrusted with gemstones of your choice, or even a plain expanse of metal can make the deal. You can create the jewelry piece to also complement your custom diamond set watches or have it matched with the custom watch bezels from your favorite timepiece. At Cagau, our jewelry specialists can have your desires well catered to with our experience and expertise at such creations. 

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