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A Guide To Creating The Best Suited Jewelry To Compliment Your Watch

Watches and jewelry are seen as statement pieces that can be worn alone to complete the look of your outfit. With modern trends, combining both these accessories for a contemporary take on fashion can help your style look superior and chic like no other. Selecting the perfect kind of jewelry with the right make and design to suit the appearance of your custom luxury watch is a tricky task. With the following detailed information, you can combine these accessories in the best manner possible to have them complement not only each other but also your style.

Selecting The Jewelry

To start your selection on the best fit jewelry, it is necessary to have the style of the watch established well in advance. This is important because your watch is the centerpiece and foundational brick upon which all the other jewelry can be worn. You can begin by considering the color, gemstones, and design of your watch as these can be used as a guideline to design jewelry that compliments this make. For a watch that has leather straps, having a bracelet that has more metal than gemstones is suitable. 

Rings that follow the same scheme can also be the best fit. As for metal strapped customized watches, there is more freedom in creating complementary jewelry. It is necessary to have your jewelry well ordered and organized if you intend to stack them for comfortable wear throughout the day. This can be ensured by avoiding placing big and loose bracelets next to one another that will reduce the likelihood of them getting tangled.

Different Style Trends

The current fashion trends reveal that men can have their watches stacked by bracelets on either side to bring in our accessories further into the spotlight. This can be done by choosing thinner and simple pieces of all metal or minimally encrusted bracelets. As the pieces are thin in width, an occasional addition of color can help highlight your fashion style. 

To do so, customizing jewelry that has a single band of rubies or diamonds that contrasts the shade and tone of your planned outfit can help you stand out in the best way possible. For a toned-down look, you can also make use of a single bracelet that compliments the make of the watch and has sufficient precious stones in it to bring further attention to your luxury watch. You can also have bracelets and rings created in different sizes to add a diverse blend of accessorization. 

Matching Them Right

This can be done by having a quick look at your outfit for the day and selecting a watch that complements the color tone of the garments as well as the occasion you are getting dressed for. Once decided, choosing jewelry becomes an easier task as you can decide to add more casualness to your look or amp it up with accessories that are jewel-encrusted. If you are getting ready for a party, adding on more bling can be an absolute possibility in three ways – by wearing a necklace, bracelet, or a ring made from precious stones that sit well with the color tone of your timepiece.

For a watch that falls in the cooler tones of color, complementing it with jewelry of the same tone will be apt. Cool tones jewelry can either be all metal or it can have well-matched diamonds to add more shine to the white gold or platinum. On the basis of the color scheme of your clothing, you can as well select a piece that has a burst of color with rubies or emeralds. You can also have jewelry created to satisfy this contrast and give your outfit the added exuberance it needs. 

You can get started on crafting your custom make jewelry to complement your watch by reaching out to our team of bespoke jewelry experts at Cagau and transform its style today.

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