A Guide To Understanding The Important Watch Complications


There is nothing like an elegant, bespoke luxury timepiece. It does not just tell you the time; instead, it brings an array of watch complications that will help make life easier and more fulfilling. With so many features to choose from, deciding which one is essential for a perfect custom diamond set watch can be tough. So that’s where this article comes in. We will be taking a look at the most important types everyone needs to know about.

Date display

The date display is the most common complication you can find on watches. It is also highly convenient as many individuals tend to forget what day it is. It is as simple as it sounds—the date will be visible on the dial. Most displays will change automatically at midnight, but if there is a leap year, the owner will have to change it. The most popular form of this complication is the date window which appears next to the 3 o’clock marking in the dial. The two small rectangles can identify it with numbers that go from 0 to 9. Some variants of this display include the day, month, and year. 


The chronograph has existed since the 19th Century and essentially functions as a stopwatch. It helps individuals time anything they want, making this a highly desirable complication to have on their watch. Most chronographs work by pressing a button that would activate the timer, and pressing it again would stop it. The mechanism used differs across timepieces; therefore, before making a purchase, it is recommended that a person should consult a custom watch specialist to ensure they get the best one that complements their lifestyle. 


This is a vital complication for frequent international travelers or those who conduct business transactions abroad. It tells them the time of two different time zones, so they always know the correct time with ease. Some use a separate movement for each time zone, while others cover multiple different ones. The latter is ideal for individuals dealing with many foreign operations, e.g., bankers. 

Power Reserve Indicator

A power reserve indicator is a convenient tool for those who own mechanical watches, regardless of whether it is manual or automatic. It displays the amount of time a watch has left before it needs to be rewound. Most of the time, the display is shown in hours, but it shows in days for some models. So if an individual is the proud owner of a luxurious mechanical timepiece, they might be interested in purchasing this complication.

These are, of course, just four of the most prevalent complications, but there are so many more. Therefore, before you purchase a watch, contact us at Cagau. You can either visit our showroom or website to consult our custom diamond watch specialists, who will help you select the perfect timepiece that showcases who you are.

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