A Quick Time Travel Through The History Of The Diamond

Diamonds are definitely a man’s best friend and have become the most widely used precious stone in history. The credit to this incredible feat can be given to the shine, shape and demand that diamonds have always had as indicated by historical records. A short guide about the history of diamonds will help you recognize why your next purchase needs to have this precious stone on it. 

1. Early History

Diamonds are seen to be a part of the world’s history as its references have been found in many cultural records. The word by itself means ‘unconquerable’ according to the Greek language which provides their symbolism of lasting forever. The very first diamonds are said to be found in India from where they were also transported along the silk route to China and neighboring civilizations. They were used in making jewellery as well as engraving other metals thanks to their extreme strength and durability. 

Until a couple of centuries ago, India was considered to be the sole subcontinent that mined these precious stones and fulfilled the demands of the world. However, in the 18th and 19th centuries, Brazil and Africa discovered their vast mines and helped meet the demand. This led to an eventual decline in the popularity of diamonds due to its abundance and other stones like emeralds, sapphires and rubies took over the wedding markets for the upper-class families across the globe.

2. Beginning of the Demand 

The demand for diamonds first started for wedding and marriage purposes as the stone began to take the meaning of an eternal commitment and forever moments. This trend that was started by the Romans continued forth for many centuries and it has become a part of our common understanding of marriage even today. Although these stones were reserved for the wealthy, elite and powerful royalty and families in the past, more people began to adopt this style of proposals thereafter. This led to a greater demand for diamonds in the centuries that followed. 

3. Peak Popularity

After the decline of their popularity in the 18th century, diamonds once again gained back their fame due to the successful marketing campaigns of certain jewellery companies. This led to a resurgence of diamonds and their increased use in every type of jewellery ranging from rings, earrings, bracelets to necklaces. 

Quickly the sources depleted and even today these gemstones are considered rare. They are still extensively mined and are at their peak popularity ever since, especially for couples looking for wedding rings. Even now they stand for the longevity and resilience of a marriage much like their own strength and are used to signify the union of love between two people.

4. The Diversity

Today diamonds are sourced from leading suppliers throughout Russia, Australia, Canada and India for a variety of uses. They are used on jewellery, bags, clothes and even on the dials, straps and bezels of watches. Many bespoke watches and jewellery are now crafted with these stones in a way that suits the design and desires of clients in any and every creative combination. There are experts available in this field like our very own at Cagau that can advise you further on how you can make your idea into a physical creation. 

This detail of the diamond history can help you understand the significance of this precious gemstone and make a purchase accordingly. Furthermore, you can also choose this stone to boost your sense of style and match the watch to the current fashion trend. At Cagau, we can make this possible with our experience and expertise and help you portray your fashion sense in the best way possible with our bespoke crafted jewellery and watches. 

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