Adding That Bling: Picking Optimal Diamonds For Your Watch

Diamonds are priced jewels that hold the power to transform any accessory with their bright brilliance. When it comes to having them inserted into various parts of your timepiece, diamonds have to be well crafted to fit the specification of your watch model as well as your desire. Custom-made luxury watches abide by certain guidelines to ensure that the finished piece matches your taste and style and remains compatible with the already present internal and external mechanics. Using these standards as a guide, you can plan your customizations optimally by choosing the best diamonds for your watch.  

Narrowing The Color Range

Your custom made luxury watch deserves the luxurious make and feels it was created with, which is possible when you choose the quality of diamonds to complement the watch’s style and worth. The color range for diamonds expands from D to M, including a total of 10 letter intervals that each signifies their own color gradation on the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) scale. 

The latter end of letters on the scale points out a yellow character to the diamond, whereas the first half of the scale refers to the impeccable quality of diamonds with D being crystal clear in appearance. Luxury brands that include diamonds in their design from the very start limit themselves to the D to G range on the scale for the true prestigious look of each handpicked diamond. 

When making your own customizations, following the same diamond quality standards will help your customizations complement the original design for a well-set look. 

Perfecting The Clarity Scale

Once your diamond color has been decided, the clarity of diamonds is the next aspect to evaluate as you pick the optimal one that will suit your bespoke customizations. The clarity scale set forth by GIA grades diamonds according to a ten gradation scale where F stands for flawless with no inclusions or blemishes visible and acting as the top of the standard. Gemologists evaluate each diamond with intricate care and choose diamonds that at least fall in the IF range if not flawless altogether. This clarity of diamonds will help deliver brightness, glam, and elegance to your design in the most distinct manner possible. 

Picking The Right Size

The last step of selection includes choosing the right fit size for your diamonds which is heavily dependent on your watch. If you have metal straps for your watch, you can customize not only the dial and bezel but also the straps of your watch. You can choose from a grand variety of sizes for a look that is well complacent with your needs and design. For bigger sized diamond insertions, your bezel is the most well-suited aspect of your watch as it has a metal-lined on either side and can support the diamond structure efficiently. Smaller sized ones can be inserted into the straps as they will remain sturdy in an area that is prone to more wear.

Putting It All Together

Once you have decided on all the necessary factors that need your personal attention to detail, putting it all together is an easy task for your watch expert. Custom watches can be crafted starting from the dial where each hour can be customized with a diamond. Besides your bezel and straps, you can also consider adding a diamond to the crown and lugs of your watch for the ultimate look.

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