Bespoke Designs: Choose The Best patterns & Combinations For Your Special Watch


Luxury timepieces for centuries have been symbols of elegance and opulence. It is further enhanced by modern advancements in watchmaking, leading to a wide range of customizations one can choose for their bespoke diamond watch. Choosing the right combination of patterns and elements is vital to make a watch truly dazzle. Therefore, we will be exploring three of the best ones in this blog. 

Full-grain leather watch strap

Leather is a highly sought-after material for watch straps, and there is an excellent reason for that. It exudes elegance and sophistication without the clunkiness of a metal strap. In addition, it can be sourced from a wide range of animals, each offering a different pattern and texture. When it comes to which one is the best source, that depends on an individual’s preference. 

However, there is grading for leather that one should keep in mind, and for a bespoke luxury watch, the best one is full-grain leather. It is derived from the most durable area of an animal and thus has the most amount of grain of an animal’s skin. All the natural characteristics of the leather—with imperfections and all—are also intact and visible. Furthermore, this type is long-lasting and will withstand wear and tear better than others. Therefore, this is the perfect material for a custom timepiece strap that is expected to be worn for decades to come. 

Guilloche patterned dial

After the strap, the next most important part that needs to be designed for a custom watch is the dial. While there are many designs one can choose from, nothing matches the luxury of a guilloche pattern.

It is more than just a simple pattern; a guilloche is a form of art. It is an intricate decoration done primarily on the dial but sometimes on the case back as well. It is created by expert artisans who engrave complex and elaborate geometric designs with fine details on a timepiece using a hand-operated lathe. 

The patterns come in different varieties, such as sunburst, hobnail, and barleycorn, to name a few. They are all eye-catching and give the watch sophistication and splendour like no other. Diamonds and other precious gemstones can also be laid on the dial to increase their visual appeal if one wishes to do so. It has to be noted that this type of dial is expensive, but it is the best companion for a luxurious watch. 

Gemstone studded bezel

When a person wants to add an element of luxury to any accessory, most times, they opt for gemstones. They are dazzling to behold and create a beautiful sparkle that is unrivalled. While they can be laid anywhere on a watch, if one wishes to make their piece stunning without coming across as gaudy, then the bezel is the best choice. 

As the bezel surrounds the dial and is not too thick, the watch can look very elegant and classy when gemstones are laid on it. It also would look gorgeous when combined with the customizations mentioned above. There is a wide selection of jewels one can choose from: bother precious and semi-precious. Diamonds are favoured by many due to their opulence; however, they do not have to be the go-to gem. A person can choose whichever one strikes their fancy. 

The beauty of custom watches is that one can modify any component they wish. Therefore, deciding on the designs of elements and selecting the right combination can be a truly memorable and meaningful experience. Furthermore, they are not alone. One can always seek the advice of their designer if they have any concerns. Thus, whether they wish to add a diamond afterset or change the strap, one can be confident that their customized timepiece will be loved and treasured for decades. 

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