Beyond The Brand: Uncover The Hidden Gems Of A Customized Watch


The brand of your timepiece speaks volumes about its craftsmanship, quality, durability amongst many other relevant features. These unique and luxurious accessories can gain a new identity when customized by experts to show new colors, textures, and details that help each watch reflect your attitude and personality in the best way possible. Amongst the many new features that can be added or replaced during customization, there are several aspects that truly bring out your watch’s best characteristics – all of which are mentioned below for your convenience.

The Gemstones

Customizations offer a variety of upgrades to your watch, one way being through the additions of gemstones to most if not all surfaces of the watch. Starting from the dial, bezel, crown to the larger straps, and tang buckles, these watch parts can be encrusted with jewels to enhance its appearance and appeal. 

You can choose from a variety of gems such as diamonds, rainbow sapphires, rubies, emeralds, and even black onyx stones that can each be placed in a pattern and design of your desire and in a combination that suits your moodboard. By choosing the size of your gemstone and the position on the watch where the insertion is to take place, transforming the look of your watch is bound to be an easy and rewarding feat. 

The Metals

Custom-made watches allow the freedom to design the exteriors of a watch from scratch and elevate the appearance one change at a time. An alteration that can help make a difference is the selection of an optimal metal to adorn your timepiece and its best complications. Choose from a silver-colored metal such as white gold, steel, or platinum or a yellow-stained metal such as yellow gold. 

Even copper-toned rose gold can help complement the existing features of the watch in a unique manner much like other metal platings and insertions. These metals are especially popular when paired with other colors additions such as red, blue, or green and can help you watch convey character beyond the confines of the brand name and logo.

The Replacements

Watch personalizations are not limited to adding more details to your watch, but rather also encompass replacements that change the look of your timepiece dramatically. The most replaced parts of the watch include the straps followed by the bezel and dial. When deciding between replacements and additions, it is advised to look at the available options that your horologist or watch expert can provide. 

For straps in general, a grand variety of leather as well as rubber ones are available in the market that can cater to your color preference and add a block of color to your luxury watch. The bezels and dials can be replaced with custom made parts if additions are not a certain possibility for your custom Rolex watch.

A Complete Makeover

Giving your treasured timepiece a complete makeover entails several steps beginning from the selection of apt gemstones to the overall color pattern you want to assign to the watch. Once the color scheme has been chosen, the watch experts can step in and create a brand new look for your watch starting from changing the color and material of the straps, inserting a new dial to incorporating gemstones. Each step is completed while catering to the selected color contrasts and combinations to bring out the best from the existing watch complications and designs. 

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