3 Trending Luxury Watch Customizations In 2021

There are many ways to customize a luxury watch. Depending on your sense of style, bespoke watch customizations can entirely or subtly change the look of your watch wonderfully. The increasing demand for customization in the luxury market to reflect one-of-a-kind ownership or material possession has given ample customization options for luxury goods, including luxury watches. In this article, we will outline the 3 trending luxury watch customizations in 2021. 

Bracelet to strap customization 

Nowadays, people continuously want to customize the strap or bracelets of their luxury timepieces. Most of the strap and bracelet customizations take one of these two options: switching from a bracelet to a strap or from one strap to another.  

Brands like Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe, and the other high-end Swiss watch brands have incredibly detailed, beautiful bracelets and straps. Still, people find it pleasing to customize the original strap or even replace a bracelet with a strap to add a touch of personal taste or match their style.

Rubber straps are the most commonly opted for strap customization by many. There is something uniquely pleasing about a luxurious rubber strap - especially among those who appreciate a sporty look or those who want to wear their luxury timepieces often, be it for casual or special occasions. 

Besides, it's an easy matter to change the straps back to the original. By no means does this customization take away the beauty and value of the watch, which has made this a versatile customization option on the trend. 

Diamond bezels 

Setting diamond bezels is becoming the latest trend in aftermarket diamond customizations for luxury watches. The best about this customization option is that it allows a bezel to be made out of scratch while retaining the original bezel. This type of customization benefits users in two ways: one is that you can put back the original bezel if you want to go for a less flashy appeal, and secondly, if you're going to resell your watch, you can put the original bezel back on, retaining the total value of your watch. And also, your custom diamond bezel will have an intrinsic value that can be capitalized on. 

Engraved case backs 

Engraved case backs are rising to be a popular trend in custom luxury watches in 2021. Engraved case backs go synonyms with special milestones in a person's life or career. This is becoming a commonly opted custom when gifting a luxury watch as a gift. When giving a luxury timepiece, the primary purpose of engravings is to add a sentimental touch or a veil of protection to the beneficiary that will make the gift extra special. The engraving trend in cashback is now gradually going beyond simple numbers and letters and is becoming ornate patterns that cover the whole case and even the strap.

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