Genuine Or Replica : How To Check If Your Luxury Watch Is Authentic

Buying a luxury watch from a reputable brand is glorious. You can purchase it from one of the brand's stores or online. But you must know how to check if the luxury watch you are about to buy is authentic. There are a few ways to help you identify the difference between a genuine and a replica watch.

  • Price 
  • The price of replica watches is lesser than genuine watches because of the lower quality of the materials used in the production. Achieving a custom-made luxury watch is a more complex task than it appears. It requires lots of time and investment to maintain high-grade quality. 

  • Weight
  • The materials like steel, gold, and platinum used to manufacture luxury watches are of the finest quality to give luxury timepieces their weight. However, most reproductions are constructed with inferior metals, and you can typically detect the difference by weighing the watch. You might be able to tell the difference between a genuine and a replica watch just by handling and weighing them. 

  • Compare with pictures 
  • Find pictures of similar watches to examine the exterior look, and if possible, get the photos from the dealer. Compare the casing, engraving, features, and markings. Replicas will not be created with the same detailing as an original high-end timepiece. A thorough examination will show flaws and inaccuracies, showing that you are dealing with a replica watch.

  • Typefaces
  • Luxury dial printing is nearly tough to duplicate, which is excellent news for you because you'll be able to spot replicas if you look closely at the features. In addition, because fonts are typically unique to luxury watch companies, knowing each brand's typeface is a quick way to verify if a watch is genuine or a replica. 

  • Engravings
  • In luxury watches, model and serial numbers are etched with solid, very fine lines. If a replica contains a serial number, it is frequently composed of tiny dots, giving it a sandy appearance. You can also double-check the serial number of the timepiece for added assurance. Each luxury watch has its own serial number to identify it. Since engraving each serial number is time-consuming and expensive, most reproductions share a serial number with many other replicas. You can find out the serial number on the internet.  If there are many entries for watches with the same serial number, it is a replica. It's also a fake if you come across a watch that doesn't have a serial number.

  • Sound 
  • The sound of the watch is another feature that can indicate how good the movement is. Most luxury watches such as Rolex, Richard Mille, and Audemars Piguet have incredibly smooth mechanics. There will be no loud ticking sound from an authentic watch because it is made up of fine and smooth movement mechanisms that have been meticulously combined. On the other hand, if you got a nice-looking watch and hear a lot of ticking sounds, you most likely have a replica in your hand.

    The facts mentioned above are the easiest and most possible ways of identifying genuine and replicas luxury watches. Nowadays, the customisation of diamond watches in Dubai is a trend. Cagau is one of the leading watch specialists, where you can acquire 100% authentic, customized watches in Dubai. Contact us, and one of our watch experts will help you regarding any luxury watch purchase or customization decisions that will retain their value.

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