Introducing Watch Glossary For Timepiece Collectors

As one of the leading luxury custom watch specialists in Dubai, we know that the terminologies behind watches can be complicated to understand, whether it's deciding what to look for when purchasing a luxury watch or while ordering custom luxury watches. In addition, understanding the specifications discussed by a watchmaker or watch expert can be overwhelming. So here we have put together a watch glossary with some of the most popular terms for timepiece collectors to help cut any confusion in purchasing a luxury watch. 

  • Automatic Winding

This is a watch feature where the winding occurs through a motion on your wrist automatically. Meaning you will not have to wind the watch manually. 

  • Bezel

The bezel refers to the ring around the crystal on the top portion of your watch. Usually made of metals such as gold-plate, gold, stainless steel, or platinum, it holds the glass or crystal in place. 

  • Caliber

Caliber is the size or style of a watch movement.

  • Dial

This is a plate with a metal base that is visible through a crystal. It carries indications in a watch such as the hours, minutes, and sometimes seconds. 

  • Escapement

It’s a device in a mechanical watch that controls the motion of the hands by controlling wheel rotation.

  • Frequency

Refers to the speed at which a watch ticks (or beats), measured in either vibration per hour or hertz. 

  • GMT

Although GMT is referred to as the Greenwich Mean Time, GMT Watches can track two time zones at once. 

  • Hacking Seconds

This is a function that will stop the second's hand when the crown is pulled out. It's also called "Stop Seconds" and makes it easier to synchronize a watch with another timepiece.

  • Indices

Indices are the marks on the dial of a watch representing the hours in place of the numerals. In luxury, higher-end or customized watches indices are usually applied or attached to the dial rather than printed on. 

  • Jewels

These are usually sapphires or rubies used to reduce friction by acting as bearings for gears in mechanical watches. 

  • Luminescence

Luminescence, also referred to as "lume", is the glow given off by watch numerals, indices, and hands that are coated with a photoluminescent material ("lumed"). 

  • Movement

This is the inner mechanism of a watch that keeps time running and powers the watch's functions.

  • Power Reserve Indicator

It’s a feature of a mechanical watch that shows the remaining power of a watch's movement. In addition, it indicates the length of the time until the watch will need to be rewound. 

  • Quartz Movement

A specific movement powered by a quartz crystal. Usually, the crystal oscillates to power the timepiece.

  • Rehaut

 A flange of metal between the watch's dial and crystal.

  • Shock Resistance

This indicates a watch's ability to withstand an impact or shock equal to being dropped onto a wooden floor from a height of 3 feet.

  • Tourbillon

A device that eliminates errors in timekeeping in watches by balancing the horizontal and vertical positions of the balance wheel. 

  • Uni-Directional Rotating Bezel

This is a type of bezel that indicates elapsed time. They are often found on divers' watches and move only in a counter-clockwise direction. 

  • Winder

Winder is a box or case that gently rotates an automatic watch and keeps them running when they are not worn. Winders come in various sizes, from single to multi-watch winders, depending on your collection size.

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