Maintenance: 3 Tips To Take Care Of Your Luxury Watch

Rolex, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, or even a  custom diamond watch needs constant maintenance to uphold the long-lasting characteristics and accurate performance of a luxury watch. As luxury watches require a huge investment, giving them the due maintenance is vital to make the investment worth it.

Maintenance is a crucial element that plays a great role in deciding the ability of a luxury watch to be passed down for generations. So here are 3 key tips you can follow to make sure you are giving your luxury watches the maintenance they undoubtedly deserve. 

  • Frequent cleaning & servicing
  • Frequent cleaning and servicing are one of the key tips that helps a watch maintain its appearance and performance. However, even if your watch looks fine and doesn’t require cleaning, it is a good rule to always clean the surface of your watch regularly- especially after every use. You can use a soft cloth to clean your watch regularly. This will keep away dust mites or other toxic substances exposed from outdoor air from settling in your watch and causing foggy crystals and cloudy glasses. 

    While cleaning, make sure to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer or seller - different luxury watches and their respective models will require different cleaning methods not to affect the appearance or performance of the watch.

    On the other hand, servicing is something that needs to be done once every 5 years. Firstly, this practice allows you to keep the mechanical performance of your watch in good condition. Secondly, it helps you identify any early signs of potential issues and address them before worsening. 

  • Proper storage 
  • Your storage practice also goes a long way in adding up to the proper maintenance of your luxury timepiece. Storing the watch properly in apt temperature is key in keeping your watch away from potential damages and other wear and tear. Remember that storing your watch in extreme cold or hot temperatures can cause damages to the mechanical movements and gaskets. 

    Quick temperature fluctuations, i.e., transferring your watch from different hot and cold temperatures can cause the parts of your luxury timepieces to expand and contrast. As a result, water vapor can enter the dial and movements, causing damage. 

    It’s always ideal for storing your watches in room-temperature environments. Secure your watch in a pouch, case, or its original box to keep your watch away from dirt, dust, or any other frictions and scratches. This is important to retain the aesthetic look of your watch. 

  • Correct winding
  • If you own a mechanical watch, make sure that you are winding it frequently- at least daily. Watch winding is a key maintenance tip that prevents your luxury timepiece from malfunctioning, keeps the time more precise, and ensures that your watch stays in perfect shape throughout the years. 

    Whenever you’re winding a watch, make sure to remove it from your wrist. Winding your watch while wearing it can put unwanted stress and pressure on the winding stem – which is often not good for the watch’s performance. Besides, don’t overwind a watch; stop winding once you feel the resistance. 

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