Watch Dimensions: The Ultimate Guide To Ideal Wristwatch Size And Style

Whether generic watches, luxury watches, or customized watches, watch dimensions go a long way in creating the perfect fit for your hand and style. As the leading custom watch specialists in Dubai, we know that the satisfaction of a luxury watch purchase relies on the perfect size and how well it complements the style one is looking to incorporate through the watch. So to help you out, here we have put together an ultimate guide to ideal wristwatch size and how to measure it to match your style.

An ideal wristwatch size should be measured based on three things: watch case diameter, case thickness, and bandwidth. Here is a breakdown on these three elements and how it accompanies different styles. 

Watch Case Diameter

Watch case diameter is the most notable element of watch size and proportions. Usually, men’s watches range from 38 mm to 46 mm. Watch case diameters bigger than 46 mm are typically reserved for a rakish or flashy style. Whereas, watch case diameters smaller than 38 mm often opt for a minimalistic style and lean more into women’s size watches preferred by the female customer segment. 

To know which size works for you, you will have to measure your wrist. Just wrap a tape around the area of your wrist, like you wear your watch, and measure. 

If your wrist circumference is 6-7 inches, you have a small-medium wrist size, and watch cases with 38 mm, 40 mm, and 42 mm diameter are considered ideal. On the other hand, if you measure a wrist circumference from 7.5-8 inches, you have a large wrist, and watch cases with a diameter of 44 mm, and 46 mm are considered best. 

Watch Case Thickness

You might wonder how watch case thickness relates to watch size. But the principle is that as the diameter of a watch changes, the thickness changes, affecting the size and style of your watch. This is why we should first identify how thick the watch’s case should be.

In most watch collections, the case thickness ranges from 6-10 mm. Usually, watch cases with a 38-42 mm diameter will have around 7 mm thickness. When the diameter goes up to 44 mm and beyond, the thickness increases to about 9 mm.

Remember that you control the diameter because you can choose a case size but not the case’s thickness, which the manufacturer often decides. So make sure you are properly considering the diameter-thickness proportion when picking up the right wristwatch size for you in a way that will equally compliment your style. Below is a standard case’s thickness of most watches in the industry and what wrist sizes they suit. 

  • 6 mm – 8 mm – considered thin and ideal for small wrist sizes 
  • 8 mm – 12 mm – average thickness and suitable for medium wrist sizes 
  • 14 mm – 18 mm – very thick and apt for large wrist sizes

Watch Band Width

A well-sized and well-fit watch will usually have a bandwidth that is about half the case diameter. So, for example, if you’re wearing a 40mm watch, the ideal bandwidth should be approximately 20 mm for the perfect fit on your wrist. 

Depending on your taste of style, you may want to wear a wider or narrower band. But it’s often recommended for smaller wrists to stick to smaller bandwidth and vice versa. Below is a general recommendation on how you should choose a bandwidth depending on the case diameter. 

  • Case Diameter: 36 mm,band width : 18 mm
  • Case Diameter: 40 mm, band width: 20 mm
  • Case Diameter: 44 mm, band width: 22 mm

If you find that your watch needs an adjustment with the size to fit your wrist and style better, contact us at Cagau. As pioneers in creating luxury custom watches in Dubai, we sell luxury timepieces catering to different styles and even customize existing timepieces to match your watch dimensions and style expectations.

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