Branded Configurations: How To Add A Personalized Touch To Your Luxury Watch


Luxury timepieces are one of the most desirable accessories not just in Dubai but in the world. They carry an air of grace and sophistication. Many prominent watch houses in the world create handmade bespoke pieces fit for royalty; however, there is nothing like giving them a personal touch with customization. Anyone can own a Cartier watch, but only one person can own a piece with a unique selection of jewels studded on the bezel and their signature on the case back. That is one of the main reasons why custom diamond watches are trending in the UAE. Therefore, in this blog, we will explore the different ways one can personalize them. 

Change the bezel.

It is one of the most popular customizations and with good reason. The bezel frames the dial and thus is a prominent aspect of the watch. It is also the first thing that others would notice when an individual wears a timepiece. Therefore, it makes quite a significant impact on one’s image.

This part of the watch gives one much room for customization. The material can be changed depending on one’s preference. It can also be laid with jewels or designs that a person likes. Diamond after-sets are highly popular as they can elevate its opulence. One can pick any color of the gemstone that they prefer to grace the bezel. Rainbow ones with precious stones of multiple colors are a unique choice that can boost one’s image and make them stand out amongst a crowd.

Replacing or altering the strap

If a person is new to customization, then this is the best way to begin. Changing it is easier than most other parts of a watch. It also carries less risk of damage as the dial and the watch movement are already protected by the crystal, case, and bezel. The watch strap comes in different materials, so a person has options to choose from. 

Metals such as stainless steel, gold, and platinum are popular choices, and they exude a luxurious vibe. Leather is a classic elegant choice that gives a person a sophisticated image without being too extravagant. Some even like to lay jewels on their band to give it an ornate appearance. In the last one, the strap may not need to be replaced as changes could be made to existing ones if the material is sturdy and suitable. Therefore, one should discuss with custom diamond watch specialists and determine if this is a viable solution for their timepiece. 

Whether a person chooses a regular personalized piece or a custom diamond set watch, one thing is sure. Customized timepieces can bring a person joy and showcase who they are to the world without inhibition. Therefore, for further information on acquiring a unique wristwatch, contact us at Cagau. 

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