Choosing The Right Bezel For Your Rolex Watch To Stand Out


More than a century later, Rolex luxury watches are still a force to be reckoned with. They have always been well-known for combining functionality with timeless style. The fact that they offer top-class performance and reliability as well, only adds to their value. Speaking of value, if you’ve ever wondered why even the most basic of them come with a price tag that they do, the excruciating intricacies by expert watchmakers offering hundreds of hours of meticulous work may have something to do with it. That’s just scratching the surface though. 

There’s also their exclusive use of quality stainless steel 904L, which is not only expensive but hard to make. Another point that increases the expenses is the use of its massive Internal Research and Development department, which in turn houses several labs and facilities engaging both researchers and scientists to ensure excellent manufacturing techniques. 

Add to all this stellar mechanization, hand-assembled movements, water impermeability testing, their own gold production, and a large team of gemologists and jewelers. It’s no wonder these luxury watches are drool-worthy and life-lasting. Who in their right mind would want to change even a hair on its polished back? Well, there are a few, aren’t there? And if you are one of those few who wants to add a little something special to make your unique Rolex even more unique, may we suggest a customized bezel?

What’s A Bezel?

Rolex Custom Diamond Bezel Datejust Cagau

Typically a metallic or ceramic ring that surrounds the watch, the bezel is truly the star when it comes to the watch’s complete appearance. Seeing as it’s quite prominently placed directly on top of the watch, one can’t help but look straight at it. Add to that its sheer size compared to all the other teeny tiny watch parts and you have yourself a star attraction. In many cases, bezels are plain rings that are fixed and don’t come with any numbered markings. Some can be snapped on. 

Others come with numbers and can be rotated. While not all of them have a specific function, making the watch look more appealing is a job they all pride themselves on. Although bezels only come in one shape and size, their varying materials range from all shades of gold and platinum to Cerachrom ceramic, and colors include all hues of the rainbow leaving you spoilt for choice. 

For The Globetrotter

You may think that a Rolex doesn’t belong with adventurers, but think again. Many luxury watches cater to the likes of explorers and, surprisingly, Rolex shoots straight to the top. In fact, their GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) or dual-time bezel is right up the alley of a jet-setter seeing as it allows one to read the time in multiple time zones. 

Bezel options can be both fixed or rotating. While the former can be used as a prominent AM/PM indicator, the latter allows any hour to be set to correspond to the GMT hand making it possible for the wearer to keep track of a second and even third time-zone simultaneously.

For The Royalty 

More valuable than the other bezels, the gem-encrusted ones are truly breathtaking. The ring itself is usually crafted out of premium metals like gold or platinum and is then set with precious gems and in many cases, even diamonds. Carefully selected and individually tested by Rolex’s in-house gemologists and jewelers, their gem-set bezels are reserved for their most exclusive and expensive watches. 

Don’t fret if you already own a Rolex with a plain jane bezel because now with the help of expert watch specialists, you can have it transformed into one worthy of a king or queen.

For The Diver

In order to enjoy a safe and memorable diving experience, divers need to keep a check on how long they have been underwater. But there’s no rule which says that a diving watch has to be massive in size and boring in appearance. Rolex dive watches come equipped with unidirectional rotating bezels, which include 60-minute graduations and luminescence for visibility underwater.

Although earlier aluminum was exclusively used as the preferred Rolex bezel material, more recently, Cerachrom ceramic, which is scratch and fade-resistant, is the component of choice. Color choices of these ceramic bezels come in black, blue and green to name a few.

For The Runner/Cyclist

Unlike a count-up bezel whose scale goes from 0 to 60, a count-down bezel features a graduated 60-minute scale that reads counterclockwise and can otherwise be thought of as a stopwatch. These bezels come in handy during races because they allow the wearer to estimate the remaining time and make any necessary changes to their routine. 

One can begin the countdown by simply twisting the bezel and aligning the start timing with the minute hand. Once the minute hand reverts to zero, mission accomplished and, hopefully, the race won. Get your numerals either raised or engraved against a sandblasted background and choose from a variety of materials including yellow gold, rose gold, platinum, or Cerachrom ceramic.

For The Businessman

In the professional world, appearance is sometimes regarded as one of the key factors to success, and in this case what better accessory to accompany you to that corner office than a Rolex? But seeing as your day-to-day engagements are more prone to be business meetings and conferences, you need your Rolex to maintain an understated yet exquisite presence.  

Domed or smooth bezels may be the simplest of them all in design but they offer the most versatility. Void of any decoration, they feature a flat and minimalist texture with form and function epitomized. Available in steel, and all grades of gold and platinum watches with domed bezels end up being the perfect accomplice to any occasion be it business or otherwise.

Whether you’ve been gifted a new one by someone really special or it’s been passed down to you by your grandfather, a Rolex is something to always cherish. This coveted wrist piece is surely the crown jewel when it comes to luxury watches. Which is why it is difficult to even think about customizing it. 

We’re not saying you should do something drastic to change its look entirely (although the option is there should you choose to do it). But how about adding to its personality with just a jolt on top of its appearance. While the more professional eye tends to veer towards the strap or dial when a watch comes into view, it’s the bezel that attracts compliments.

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