Evolution Of Luxury Timepieces: Explore The Ever-Changing Trends


Trends are a powerful tool that is constantly evolving as we move farther in time. Every year, we see a new popular element that is sported by many luxury and designer watches for men and they continuously rise in popularity from that point forward. Ever since luxury watches were founded in the 1500s, they have repeatedly adapted to new changes in technology and design to adjust to what the new trends demand. Timepieces have come a long way and have formed into these complex pieces of art that embody your personality to signifying various symbols. 

Let’s have a look at the fantastic trends that indicate the progress that the luxury watchmaking industry has made through these trends below that have traveled through the decades. 

Vintage Vibes 

When it comes to the design aspect of a luxury watch, many opted to take the path down memory lane and debut timepieces that adorned the vintage and retro look with pride. Furthermore, while these timepieces are a sure sign of the brilliant trends from the past, the technology behind these watches have constantly evolved and adapted to the contemporary changes in the common masculine taste. In terms of aesthetics, the look of the luxury watches is a sure tribute to the revolutionary designs from the past but when it comes to the detailed features of your timepiece, there are certain changes that represent the continuous evolution of the luxury watch trends. 

Pioneering Materials

The trends have changed from just being focused on the shape and aesthetics of the luxury watch and instead they have also started utilizing new and unique material in the creation of luxury watches. Once when gold was the most innovative material used in watchmaking, it has now been replaced by an equally capable contender: stainless steel. Gold is now primarily used for creating other aesthetics in luxury watchmaking as the sole focus but it is still used occasionally in luxury watchmaking. 

More materials including platinum, ceramic, and bronze are widely used in custom luxury watches. Ceramic is a fairly new material used in making luxury watches and it offers all the attributes that can augment your masculine side through its aesthetic appearance. Bronze is famous for being highly susceptible to corrosion which is the exact reason why it is highly in demand by watchmakers.  Platinum is truly what elevates your custom luxury watch to another level and makes it shine apart from everything else. Being one of the most expensive metals, a platinum watch case is sought after by many men for their watches. 

A Clever Trend Of Colors 

Colored additions to luxury watches are making rounds nowadays as one of the savviest trends in the watchmaking industry. Apart from the sober and conservative watch designs that have been widely successful on their own, watchmakers are now making space for different shades to be added to their timepiece inventions. Not only does it enhance the value of the custom luxury watch, but color also adds a semblance of your personality to your watch by being present on the gemstones dotted around the watch case or dial and on the bezels as well. 

Moderate Sizes 

While vintage trends are still very much around in the modern watchmaking industry, they have had an adamant effect on the size of the watch cases that are produced nowadays. Custom luxury watches have been toned down from their remarkably large sizes to moderately sized dials with diameters that average sound 40mm or less. 

While the trends involving custom luxury watches are ever-changing, you can create your own personal favorite timepiece that personifies all of the popular trends into one custom made invention. Visit our Cagau stores and bring your vision of the excellent custom made watches to life. 

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