Fit For The Occasion: Steps You Should Take In Finding The Right Jewels For Your Watch


Bespoke timepieces have always been the center of attention due to the attention to detail given to those particular watches and the intriguing methods that lead to perfect watch designs. When it comes to standing out with your customised watch, jewels are always the preferred option due to their intricacies and the ability to magnify your presence by tenfold. 

Jewels such as gemstones come in different shapes, sizes, and colors that enhance the look of your timepiece. Precious jewels can transform any watch’s appearance and unleashes the aesthetic potential of each luxury timepiece. Choosing the appropriate jewel collection can add a tinge of different color tones. 

Narrowing Down The Types Of Jewels 

Diamonds and sapphires are some of the most sought after jewels in modern watchmaking. Diamond is that one gemstone that shines the most out of any other jewels. It radiates luxury and forms an unbreakable shimmer that demands attention from everyone. Furthermore, it is one of the hardest materials on earth and absolutely fit for your watch along with a combination of gold or platinum watch bands. 

Sapphire offers an invaluable amount of richness to your gemstone collection through a careful blend of sapphire crystals matched with stunning forms of platinum or rose gold watch bands. Sapphires are usually found in their purest form and they are white in color but, if they are paired with titanium or iron, they acquire a rich blue color. Apart from the standard shade, sapphire crystals are also found in diverse colors too. 

Choosing The Colour Scheme 

A fusion of monochromatic colors has become quite popular in modern watchmaking over the years. You can choose diamonds and sapphires of shades that lie on the same color spectrum and create a customised watch where the gemstone setting can formulate the exact style and design you were looking for. 

On the other hand, you also pick a contrasting color combination for your diamond watches or for the sapphire settings. A contrast allows more space for a variety of combinations when it comes to accessorizing your unique timepiece with a set of outfits. Another way to add a magnitude of colors is to insert gemstones with primary colors so that they can create an impressive shimmery look for your customised watch. 

Selecting The Correct Size 

The size of the jewels entirely depends on the overall look of the watch itself. The strap, the bezel, and the dial are all factors that determine whether you should go for bigger gemstones or smaller ones. If you are thinking about lining the watch band with diamonds and sapphire crystals, the appropriate size is between the range of medium to small. 

If you are considering jewels for the bezel then you have the freedom to choose between bigger sizes since they can enhance the look of the bezel. Bezels are perfect for lining up comparatively bigger jewels since they have an effective structure to provide support. Dial designs featuring various gemstones call for jewels that are minuscule in size so that they can represent the intricate craftsmanship needed to do the correct gemstone setting within a dial. 

At Cagau, you can find a variety of jewels and gemstones to choose from for your custom-made watch. Our custom watch specialist will guide you in every step towards choosing the right jewels. 

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