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For The Crown Jewel In Your Life: A Mother’s Day Gift Guide


Mother’s day warrants a gift for all mothers. A luxury accessory customised to perfection is an ideal way to show your affection. Bespoke luxury watches, for instance, are an indication of timeless class and elegance. Timepieces that give prominence to femininity come in all shapes and sizes. 

Let loose your imagination when picking out the various components of a watch or jewellery. Diamonds and gemstones can be combined in all sorts of ways to create a personal yet unique look. You can opt for pieces that boast a fancy bezel, replete with precious stones that emanate splendour. However, sometimes less is more, and a simpler bezel can radiate class beyond measure.

For the ones who welcome luxury wholeheartedly, watches with embellished straps have much to offer. Linked designs and bands render a pristine touch to the accessory and enhance its value. A subtly coloured dial, surrounded by a diamond-encrusted bezel, held together by an adorned strap, is a dream come true for every woman of substance. 

If you are on the lookout for a unique way to channel all the love you feel for your mother, reach out to us at Cagau. Our watch specialists are experts in creating the best experience for you.

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