From Horologist Archives: How To Select The Perfect Timepiece

Horologists are watch experts who are well versed with the internal as well as external workings of a watch and can help provide sound advice on the right fit watch that meets the best standards. A number of features have to be taken into consideration, beginning from details such as the watch’s complication to the type of watch it is as a whole. When picking a timepiece for yourself, you can be assured of a perfect selection that has been created based on their experience with men’s needs. 


A watch’s movement can be described as the internal mechanics that power the watch to keep functioning. The movement can be largely classified into mechanical, automatic, and quartz in a make where each of the categories is unique in their mechanics. A mechanical movement is typical of custom made luxury watches that work with a mainspring which is a metal coil that is wound around the hands of the watch. This style of watches is seen as a celebration of intricate craftsmanship and expertise of traditional horologists that hand-make each part of the watch with sublime attention to detail. 

Automatic watches are similar to mechanical ones in that they both have a mainspring. In addition to his feature, automatic watches also have internal gears that are engineered to keep the timepieces self-winding. This allows for the watch to go on for long days without the need for frequent winding of the mainspring. Quartz watches prove to be a wonderful combination of fine electrical workings with the engineering of the mainspring that together provides for the accurate functioning of your watch. 


Features of a watch are technically termed as complications and give each watch the distinctive character that lets it stand out amongst the others. Besides the basic calendar complication present in most if not all watches, a moon phase, chronograph, or even a tachymeter are a few popular options. A moon phase indicates the phases of the moon with respect to the lunar cycle that follows each month. Chronographs work as stopwatches in your timepiece and can be used to measure time.

A tachymeter is usually paired with a chronograph and operates as a scale to measure many aspects of daily life. These include speed, distance, and even fuel consumption of your personal vehicle in certain instances. The greater number of complications present in your watch, the better accessibility it offers to you. You can be ensured of great inclusivity in terms of features and can enjoy a grand variety of schemes on one piece of craft. 

Style and Purpose

When it comes to style, watches are crafted to complement your fashion sense and lifestyle like no other. Timepieces are created specifically for certain occasions such as your work profession, leisure time activities, or even a celebration. Aviation specialists rely on watches that contain many complications within their watch that can display altitude, speed amongst many other specific needs that cater to their professions. 

The same stands true for marine officials who constantly use a timepiece to gather a lot more information that is expected from a watch crafted for daily use. Horologists have created a large variety of watches in the market to satisfy each type of individual desire, providing for a grand selection of watches to choose from. Depending on your personal preference and occasion, you can make a purchase of a lifetime by buying a watch that does it all for you or you can also have your custom made watches, customized to your specifications.

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