How To Maintain Your Watch’s Condition With Seasonal Changes In The Weather


Custom watches are valuable and hold special meaning to an individual; therefore, they need to be treated with the utmost care. While many tend to ensure that their timepieces are away from heat sources and tools that could damage them, they are less concerned with the weather. However, this is not only unwise; it could also place their beloved accessory at great risk. This is because weather conditions caused by seasonal changes can impact the mechanisms of a watch significantly. Therefore, to protect them, one needs to ensure they are correctly maintained.

Ensure they are kept in a dry, dark, and temperature-controlled space

When it comes to a watch’s greatest enemy, a person does not have to look far. Summer and monsoon can be devastating for the intricate mechanisms of a timepiece. The reason behind this is increased humidity, sunlight, and dust. All three of which can cause significant damage within short notice. 

If the air around a watch is humid, the moisture can seep into the piece and penetrate its internal mechanism through small gaps. Thus, it will form rust on the watch movement and destroy the dial. In addition, dust could make abrasions on the crystal and go into the watch and cause damage. Finally, direct sunlight could result in premature aging of certain materials. Some colors may fade, and certain metals may also deform if the heat is too high. 

Always have a watchmaker change the batteries or conduct repairs

If a person owns a personalized timepiece and wishes to change the batteries or conduct repairs, the safest option would be to visit custom diamond watch specialists. They will make the necessary adjustment using professional tools and special techniques. 

If a person tries to do it themselves, they may risk their timepiece. If the air is humid or cold and a person attempts to change batteries, moisture could form around it. Removing the water can be difficult if it has seeped into the battery as there is a safety valve that stops contents from being released. Trying to open the valve forcefully will further damage the component. Suppose a person inserts the compromised parts into the watch. In that case, it could result in a short circuit and damage the watch movement entirely. 

Always visit a professional for watch servicing in case one has been subject to drastic temperatures

It is especially the case with mechanical watches. As their internal movement comprises gears and oil, temperature differences could result in a timepiece either advancing in time or lagging. On the other hand, if the weather is too cold, the oils may freeze, and the gear may grind to an inevitable halt. The internal components may also expand and shrink due to climate changes. 

If a watch is not wound or serviced once a person returns home, it could become permanently damaged. Therefore, one should visit a professional and have their timepiece checked and lubricated sufficiently. 

Timepieces, if handled with care, will last for decades without any issues regardless of the season. Likewise, decorative aspects such as custom watch bezels will stay intact, and so will the vital movements and mechanisms. Therefore, always ensure they are stored and handled correctly. 

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