Jewel Settings: Explore The Magnificent Gemstone Selections For Your Luxury Watch


The use of gemstones makes luxury watches sparkle with exceptional intensity. Although many branded timepieces offer these precious stones in their collections, most people opt for a diamond afterset once they purchase a luxury timepiece. Jewel settings can upgrade the watch style for incomparable elegance. This article will explore a few magnificent gemstone selections for your luxury watch.


The diamond aftersets are flooded with options as these sparkling stones can be added to your luxury watch in countless ways. Diamond timepieces offer incomparable elegance and can complement a variety of fashion for both men and women.

You can opt for a diamond bezel, dial, or a strap to bring absolute luxury to your timepiece. The customization can offer a lifetime style, and your watch will never go out of trend due to its personalization. The abrasive and sought-after gem admires the artistry and craftsmanship when designed with expert gem-setters.


Following diamonds, rubies are one of the hardest gemstones on earth. Apart from the luxury look it gives, these can reduce friction at critical watch movements or points. It also consists of excellent temperature stability and acid-resistivity.

The use of rubies in luxury watches, especially in mechanical ones, can ensure the watch’s durability while bringing elegance to your wrist. It is considered one of the topmost gemstones in luxury watches, making it an accessory without limit to a timekeeper.


Emerald is a luxury mineral species that includes aquamarine. The colors often vary from bluish-green to green variety of beryl. The stones are often referred to as the color of hope and are used in making luxury timepieces to bring an outstanding elegance.

The beauty and the characteristic of green color can bring out a royal class look once fitted to a timepiece. The stones perfectly blend with gold and steel colors for a perfect state of the art. The deep green hues can be seamlessly integrated with the dial, bezel, or watch strap, depending on your preference.

The Process Of Jewel Settings

A range of specialist methods and strict quality control ensure the elegant output of a luxury custom watch. Once you have picked your gemstone choice, the dimensions need to be finalized to employ the stone in its optimal position. 

The symmetry and the shape of the facets will determine the light penetration and the stone’s luminosity. The stones will be set one-by-one with a lot of patience until completion. 

Depending on the type of stone, selected watch size, the amount of work required for the customization will change. The type of metal used to make the watch also matters here as the gem-setter needs to place the stone, ensuring its holds the place securely. 

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