Luxury Watches That Complement Your Travel Lookbook


A timepiece is a unique accessory that represents a harmony of various versatile components that come together to add further appeal to a look. Especially when these looks are created keeping in mind your travel itinerary, each watch has to be selected keeping in mind not only the functionality but also the aesthetics of the piece. 

As you begin to create a lookbook for your travels, there are several factors that must be considered that will,  in turn, affect your watch selection. Gain insight into all these aspects with the information below for your benefit as you look to complement your outfits with the best luxury watches that you own.

Beach Vacation

When planning a trip to your local beach for a staycation or a getaway to an international hotspot, packing all your summer essentials is a must. With clothes that are themed as breezy and bright, selecting a watch that suits these tones of colors is ideal. A blue, white, or silver-colored watch straps will help add the needed splash of color to your outfits and help your style stand out in the best way possible. 

Furthermore, as you are bound to hit the ocean waters and catch some waves, choosing a ceramic plated watch over any of the pure metal and leather ones is recommended. Water-resistance and complications that measure water pressure and depth are an added plus that will refine your vacation further by keeping vital information handy at all times.  

High Hikes

If your itinerary is inclusive of some high altitudes, matching your sportswear to a watch that is sweat-resistant is a must. In addition, complications that account for altitudes, changing pressures, sunrise and sunsets, weather, and even moon phase are highly desirable in a custom-made luxury watch

Not only are these complications useful when hiking mountains in the Mediterranean and tropical settings but also when the climate is expected to be below zero degrees on ice-capped mountains. Some of the latest watches include the use of innovative materials that are capable of withstanding a variety of climates and conditions and provide the perfect rugged appeal.

Country Hopping

When preparing for island-hopping across the expanse of a country or exploring the vast majority of a continent, traveling with a watch that can not only look chic and stylish but also highly beneficial is a necessity. A timepiece that displays a variety of time zones and tracks distance traveled can make your trip more convenient and enjoyable. 

Picking a diamond watch that encompasses these complications can help you gain the needed appeal to your overall look while also providing the much-desired functionality. Pairing your diamond dial with either a leather or even metal strap will have your watch ready to be matched with an array of outfits.

Poles Apart

A trip to either the north or south pole can prove to be a challenge by itself that can be made more convenient with a timepiece that caters to important aspects of your travel. This can include a watch that measures temperature, altitude as well as direction aptly when encased in a customized outer look. 

Your trip is not only bound to run smoothly but also become a memory to remember with unforgettable outfits that each appeal to the specific preferences of your taste. Your lookbook can be well suited with a single watch or a mini collection that is crafted to withstand extreme temperatures as well as provide the appeal that can give your warm and cozy outfit the needed pairing. 

As you plan out your travel and create a lookbook for each day of the trip, packing a watch that complements most if not all your outfits is a must. Before your travel, customize your watch to achieve the perfect look that incorporates every aspect of your outfit. At Cagau, our professional team can help your watch achieve the look you wish to give it with expertise and experience that precedes expectations.  

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