Polish & Refurb: How Often Should You Avail Watch Servicing Services?


When it comes to custom-made watches, the environment around us has a great impact on the mechanisms of the watch and how it operates regularly. Luxury watches need to be kept in the best state possible and that can be done through frequent watch servicing. A watch servicing procedure ensures that the internal and external mechanics of the watch is fine-tuned and it can work properly till the next servicing session comes around. 

A watch servicing session will also keep you up to date about the signs you should look out for in your luxury watch that indicates it needs servicing. There are several reasons that determine the frequency at which your luxury watch requires a detailed servicing session along as listed below. 

The Big Question

The major concern for any luxury watch owner is to look out for signs that signify that the watch needs servicing and how often they should avail it. Within a watch, the mechanism needs to work properly in order to convey the correct time. If you find yourself in a situation where the watch continues to show the incorrect time frequently then it is a sign that it needs a fine tune-up.  

Moreover, another factor that determines the frequency of your watch servicing sessions is the age of your watch. According to how old your luxury watch is, you will be able to determine how often it needs to be serviced. For example, a vintage watch requires careful handling and it should definitely be checked out frequently by your customised watch specialist. If you haven’t gotten your watch served in the last 4-7 years then you should immediately take it for a servicing session so it can revert back to its prime condition. 

Preventive Technique

Servicing your watch often, on a regular basis, is also used as a preventive measure. If you benefit from occasional servicing sessions then you can ensure that your watch will not suffer a breakdown anytime soon or avoid the risk of the watch’s mechanisms failing.

Your watch specialist will continuously replace or repair the potentially damaged parts and make sure that the watch functions remain as efficient as they should be. Due to the minor adjustments, your watch will continue working without needing any servicing for a couple more years. The preventive servicing sessions are usually not as detailed because just require fine-tuning some parts instead of a full checkup. 

Refreshing The Internal Mechanics 

Aside from preventive servicing, the preferred servicing duration according to manufacturers is 4-7 years depending on the brand of the custom-made watch. This is to ensure that the movements within your watch are up to par through careful examination of the internal functions of the watch that show the correct information. 

Watch servicing allows the experts to fix the minor errors and clean up the internal environment of the watch so that it can continue working perfectly. Another component of the servicing session includes continuously putting oil as a lubricant so that the watch movements can work smoothly. Every 4-7 years, the servicing experts go through these standard steps to ensure that the watch will work perfectly until the next detailed session. 

Servicing The Exterior 

Servicing the internal mechanism does not require frequent visits to the servicing experts, however, the same scenario does not apply for the exterior of your custom-made watch. Due to our surrounding environment, the watch’s band, bezel, or dial might be subjected to minor damages such as wear and tears. If you get your watch serviced often then you can make sure that the leather of your watch or jewels setting on the bezel can remain intact for a long while before another servicing session. 

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