Shimmering Dials: A Guide To Choosing The Right Dial For Your Luxury Watch


A watch represents your personality and the significant investment you have made on time value. They also express the quality and luxuriousness of your selection and reflect your choice of elegance. Purchasing a luxury watch can give you a lifetime of enjoyment, thrill, and confidence every time you wear it. However, many people find selecting a watch a bit daunting to make an optimal selection for their major investment. This article will guide you in choosing the right dial for your luxury watch to make your custom diamond set watches selection much easier.

Significance Of Choosing The Right Dial

Purchasing a luxury watch can be a major life decision as it can be the main accessory for men to wear in a formal environment. Women also use luxury watches to match with their elegant jewelry while showing off the sense of fashion with a touch of professionalism and classiness. The dial is the visual star and the part that helps to show off the luxuriousness of your watch.

While many go for the design and look, specific individuals are excited about the complex-inner mechanics and opt for a watch engineered in that manner. The dial is the center or the face of your watch and grabs the beholder’s immediate attention, and hence it is essential to pay major attention to the watch dial and choose the right selection.

Proportion Matters

When it comes to watch dials, this can be considered the most critical and significant factor you need to look for. After all, no matter how good the watch seems to be when it’s on display, you need to ensure that it fits perfectly to your wrist when you strap it without being oversized or undersized.

You can find the perfect watch dial for your wrist if you measure your wrist first. You can opt for a small-medium or large size dial, depending on the size of your wrist. Selecting a watch can be overwhelming, and you might wonder which one will be the best to embrace your personality. With the vast range of luxury watches available in the market, you might still not find the best match to your wrist among the collections. 

Language Of Colors

We all are influenced by the hidden language of color and consider it as one aspect to judge things and choose in-between. Ensure you harness color when choosing a watch rather than making it work against you. Here are some most commonly seen colors of custom diamond watches that reflect different thoughts.

Black – Luxury watches with a black dial often depict power, formality, and particularity. The hands usually come in white or luminous, enabling it to check time in low light conditions.

Blue – The trend can be seen particularly among men, where the luxurious blue dials reflect trust, confidence, and intelligence. With a shimmering blue watch in your hand, you can be the highlighting person in a group without an effort.

White – The color of innocence and purity blends right with beautiful and luxurious diamonds and is subtle for any place or occasion.

Red/Orange/Green – The color of a watch is the obvious choice of a personal preference, and those with these colors can highlight their unique selection of watch colors. The owners of these luxury watch colors are often multiple timepiece owners who prefer to wear according to the outfit and the occasion.

Other Factors

Apart from these, you can also be cautious on other parts of your dial such as lug, hands, jewel, aperture, crown, movement, rotor, pusher, subdials, and case. You may have all or some of these parts in your chosen luxury watch, and your custom diamond watch specialists will help you explain each part if you are new to the watch business. Here are another few things that you can look for and include in your luxury timepiece.

Thickness – This is mostly correlated with the diameter of case size. The more complicated engineered techniques inside your watch will be thicker in size. 

Subdials – A watch can typically have up to 3 sub-dials to register the time in seconds, hours, and minutes. These mini dials can also have other functions such as tracking elapsed seconds, phases of the moon, second time zones, chronographs, calendars, etc.

Pusher And Crown – The crown is used to set time but may also serve as additional functions depending on the features available in your watch. A pusher can activate the internal operations of a watch and control mechanism.

Ensure to look into all these features before choosing the timepiece that is best for you. At Cagau, you can choose a wide range of men and women luxury timepieces that can incline with your preference. Visit our new showroom or browse our website to select your perfect timepiece.

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