Stone Settings: How To Get The Perfect Look For Your Jewelry

Creating jewelry pieces that are holistic and intricate in their details can be a tough feat to achieve. Once you have purchased your desired gemstone or have decided upon it, using an appropriate stone setting is the next important step in the creation of a statement piece. This can be made easier and right by understanding the optimal way gemstones can be installed within the larger jewelry design. Using the following guide to help navigate the intricacies of jewelry crafting, you can create a piece that appears complete from all angles by setting your precious stones in the right manner. 

To install your gemstone into the metal component of your jewelry, you can make use of any of the main four styles that will help your stone stand out as well as your jewelry. 

Prong Setting

If you intend to use a large single-piece stone and have it installed at the center of your piece, you can use the infamous prong setting. In this style of stone setting, a four, six, or multiple piece prongs of metals are used to hold the precious stone in place while providing enough inlet of light to help the stone shine. The number of prongs is decided to see the cut of the gemstone you wish to insert. The entire setting then allows the stone to gain a sturdy foundation and remain in place long after the insertion is completed. 

Bezel Style

A bezel style of stone setting is when one entire side of the stone is encapsulated with metal allowing only for the surface with maximum cuts to face the front side of the jewelry. This is perfect if you wish to create a piece of jewelry that does not overwhelm your outfit and customized watch and compliments both of them well in a subtle manner. You can also be assured of maximum protection for your stone irrespective of its shape and size within this setting. 

Channel Setting

This setting style is as the name suggests, a stone placed within a channel of metal carved out by your bespoke jewelry creator. The metal piece needed for this setting will be thick in-depth as the cut allows for sufficient space for the gemstone to be set in and further provides stability to the rest of the jewelry piece. This provides an optimal blend of metal and stone and gives your jewelry sufficient shine and support. 

Pavé Style

The pavé style of setting stones is considered the best choice for gemstones that are small in size. They are dotted with metal on either side and are usually used in this fashion to add more exuberance to the center stone of the jewelry piece. It can also be used to create jewelry that is crafted to appear understated and add more show to the accessory that is in the limelight. This makes it a perfect style for bracelets that line up a custom made watch for the added attention to detail. 

Why It Matters

These setting styles are important to help your desired gemstone to be placed in a way that offers it a spotlight. The setting also helps determine if your jewelry can be used for daily wear or only an occasional use depending on the strength that the setting provides. The setting also helps to add the extra needed luster that your jewelry piece needs to complete your outfit. 

To customize a stone set into a custom make jewelry piece that fits your needs and preferences, visit our team of experts at Cagau. This will ensure that your jewelry stands out like the statement piece it is meant to be and add more style to your strong fashion sense.

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