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18k Rose Gold – Jaguar Bangle – Diamond & Ruby – 4.5 ctw

$ 10,429 ex. VAT

In the eyes you will see the power of intent - The Cagau Jaguar bangle is symbolic of power, leadership, stealth, and abundance - this stunning piece screams attention-to-detail, constructed in 18k solid gold adorned with 4.5 carats of diamonds and deep red rubies. It's one of our most iconic and eye-catching designs, loved by both men and women who delight in statement jewellery. Should you choose a different size bangle (smaller or larger) then the number of diamonds and total carat weight will change. The thickness of the bangle is 5.6 mm and it also features a solid gold hinged pivot for easy accessibility.

Shape: bangles are available in two options round or oval. This is to cater to different shaped wrists, as a guide we recommend oval shape for women & men with a slimmer wrist.

18k White Gold – Ruby Skull Ring – 3.5 ctw

$ 4,381 ex. VAT
Luxurious and enchanting - this skull ring has been flawlessly sculpted in 18k solid white gold and embellished 158 with hand-set magenta rubies, total weight 3.4 carats. The skull feature is 24 mm in length and 10.4 mm in depth.