Storing The Right Way: Luxury Watch Safekeeping Tips


A luxury watch is a man’s most prized possession and one of the essentials of owning an expensive watch is to keep it safe all the time. Custom made watches require extra effort for their safety and protection since they need to be cared for in an appropriate manner due to their high sentimental value. 

Minor damages are capable of impacting the quality of the watch and it is better suited to prevent any future mishaps. There are certain steps listed below that you can take to safeguard your customised watches:

A Watch Winder Or A Storage Case

A crucial component of watch safekeeping entails keeping them protected and in one place to provide maximum protection for your luxury watch collection. If the watch is kept aside for a long period of time, it can accumulate dust within the dial, which does not allow time to be shown properly.  

A watch winder is an excellent method of storing your custom made watches and they are beneficial in multiple ways such as storage and regular watch winding. Watch winding is essential because it keeps the watch running by moving around the weight inside the watch even when it is not worn by you and the winder provides the necessary operations needed to keep the mechanism going. 

Luxury watches require additional care and they need to be entrusted in safe storage space. Investing in a storage case ensures that each timepiece from your collection is stored safely in one place and you can access it anytime. 

Secured Storage 

A safe comes in a variety of sizes and can be custom made as well. A safe improves the chances of securing your watch within the house and provides maximum security for it. A custom made safe can be to your advantage because it can be created in appropriate proportions that can make it fit anywhere in your house. Drawer safes are one of a kind as they are specially designed to fit inside any drawer. 

Moreover, it allows for more security options than an electronic or biometric safe; hence it is the safest option for your worthy watch collection. However, electronic safes produce magnetic fields that are capable of impacting the watch’s functions. Therefore, it is safer to opt for traditional vaults rather than automatic ones. 

A Temperature Controlled Environment 

The mechanical components of a watch are created out of metal. The metal expands and contracts along with the differences in temperature and affects the accuracy of timekeeping. Under hot conditions such as tropical areas, a watch tends to lose track of time and colder temperatures make the watch gain time faster. The suggested temperature for storing your watch should be above five degrees and below thirty-five degrees. 

Safe From Moisture And Heat

Moisture from the humid environment can enter the watch and interfere with the dial’s functions which are capable of showing inaccuracies in the time. The moisture forms rust within the watch and prevents movement of the internal mechanisms. If the straps are made out of metal, then a layer of rust can form on the bracelet too. The watch’s internal movements become too rigid and resist any kind of motion, which further interferes with its functions and causes irreparable damage. 

Watches should be kept in a dry environment to avoid any interference with the internal functions of the watch. Keeping your watch away from light is highly recommended because the color of your watch’s leather strap can fade away easily under bright and intense light. If the bracelet is made out of metal, then the shiny color of the band also fades away with time if it is exposed to light extensively. 

Safekeeping your collection can improve your luxury watch’s life and ensure that your selected splendid designs are always well preserved. 

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