Straps, Bezels And More: Attaining The Perfect Color Combination

Watches are made up of several components that all add to the overall look and style that it aims to achieve. These watch features include the straps, bezel, and dial that can be customized to reflect the desired color combination which suits your impeccable taste and needs. All the details that can help you choose the best-fit color tones and shades are listed below to help you craft the watch of your dreams.

Color Trends

When it comes down to purchasing watches from stores, men often gravitate towards black colored watches as a whole. We intend to buy a watch that is well suited to most of our garments and can support our fashion style on every occasion. Watches manufactured in silver and similar tones are the next best fit as it further contributes to the ideology of staying bold yet understated in the best manner. 

If the entire customized watch is based on one single solid color, it allows for a greater variety of changes to be made as it functions much like a blank canvas. It can easily take on any precious stone installations as much as it can have a contrasting part of the watch replaced. Understanding these trends can help you work further with the products you already have and build on a watch that stands out as a statement piece that is classy at best. 


Once your purchase has been made, you can approach a bespoke watch expert to have the desired personalizations made on your luxury watch. If you are interested in adding a splash of color to your watch, you can do so by adding gemstones that match the color scheme you have in mind. These gemstones can be inserted onto the metal straps, dial, and bezel of your watch. 

You can choose from differing tones of red, green, black or even transparent tones by using rubies, emeralds, black stones and diamonds respectively. In a pattern of your desire, the stones can be placed immaculately to enhance the appearance of your timepiece. As for your watch dial and straps, it can be replaced with another color of your liking to filter in more color contrast. If your straps are made of leather, changing the color to any shade available is a definite possibility. 

Tones And Shades

To start your customizations, selecting one color or a combination of colors from the very beginning will assure you of an easy planning. For example, if the entire watch is silver-colored with straps that are made from and you wish to add in a blue hue with minimal bling, replacing the dial to a preferred blue shade would be a start. From there, you can choose a darker blue shade for the custom watch bezel and line it up with diamonds so that the color stands out considerably without the customization cutting down on the natural mastery and beauty of the watch. 

As for the straps, blue-colored diamonds can be inserted in succession to gain a fading contrast so that the entire watch seems sufficiently personalized. Using colors on the opposite ends of the color spectrum can bring about a gaudy look to the watch and disrupt the otherwise classy look already present. Sticking to one end of the spectrum will ensure that the colors blend in well with one another and appear elegant, uniform and smart all at once. 

To get started on your own personal custom luxury watch project, get in touch with us at Cagau, and attain the most perfect color combination for your watch so that it can make a statement – just like you.

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