The Ultimate Buying Guide For Luxury Ladies Watches


Anyone looking to buy a ladies watch online will quickly become overwhelmed by the plethora of options: rose gold or yellow gold? Quartz or mechanical? Diamonds or a sporty casual look? There is no such thing as a true ladies watch, which is why putting together a small collection of two or three models is worthwhile. However, there are some trends in ladies watches that can be identified.

If you’re looking for a ladies luxury watch, whether it’s for fashion, dream jewelry, or casual wear, there are a few things to keep in mind.

What Style Do You Choose?

A woman’s watch should have a style or a case shape that she likes. Although the round watch is still the most popular, some women prefer the bolder, possibly more masculine’ square-shaped watch. 

Rectangular watches can be very stylish, while watches with curvy or other unusual shapes can be a lot of fun and make a statement with their striking lines. Women’s watches range from casual/daily wear watches to more functional sports timepieces. These two types of watches are popular among active women on the go.

Casual watches have dials that are medium to large in size, are easy to read, and are usually devoid of jewels or obvious adornments. They are ideal for everyday wear or casual dress codes in offices and workplaces. Sports watches will have large dials, again for easy reading, and will undoubtedly be preferred by sporty, physically active women.

Jewelry watches, on the other hand, often include gold or platinum, diamonds, pearls, sapphires, and other gems or semi-precious stones, such as amber, and are usually far more formal in design and appeal, and can be (sometimes very) pricey and exclusive. Women’s diamond watches are some of the most sought after timepieces in the market.The dial decorations on these watches are often more beautiful and ornate, with mother-of-pearl effects, which can be very appealing and add an elegant patina to the watch.

Find the Movement

One of the first decisions to make when purchasing a watch is whether to go mechanical or quartz. A mechanical movement necessitates meticulous engineering and is the basis for traditional wristwatches. They can, however, lose time unlike quartz watches, which revolutionized the watchmaking industry in the 1970s. Quartz watches are more practical, reliable, and generally less expensive and maintenance-intensive. 

However, many women, like men, continue to prefer watches with mechanical movements because of their immense appeal based on tradition and craftsmanship.

A Watch is a Wonderful Accessory

A watch is a work of art. In the world of watches, there is far too much snobbery and intimidating technical jargon, and the female watch market is no exception. If that is your intention, buying a watch for a specific look, or even for a specific outfit or event, is perfectly acceptable. 

After all, it’s the accessories that give each woman her own distinct look and style. Fine luxury timepieces should be no different. A beautiful watch, whether elaborate or minimalist, can give the wearer a distinct look. It is (or should be) the very embodiment of that woman.

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