Top Vintage Designs That Are The Best Pick For Your Luxury Watch


While vintage watch designs seem to be making a comeback in style, there are certain qualities that can elevate your masculine character and showcase your bold personality through your vintage custom made watch. Vintage designs carry an enhanced appeal for men within them due to their link to the past and the repeated interest in them has magnified tenfold with the sudden increase in renditions of classic vintage designs.  

There are particular types of vintage renditions from the past that have been more in demand, spurring modern watchmakers to experiment with the traditional classics into modern watchmaking. From superior color combinations to textured dials, discover the top vintage designs for your luxury watch below. 

Adding Textures And Designs

Textured dials are known to encompass more personality and character into your luxury watch than conventional patterns and bring old-fashioned designs to life. Dial textures can help you stand out immensely with their striking yet captivating and charming patterns amongst many popular vintage designs. These particular patterns speak volumes about your style and preferences due to their relevance to the past and highlight your traditional but classic taste in vintage watches. 

The top dial textures that are popularly known are linen, honeycomb or waffle, and brushed metal. They are heavily sought after by modern watchmakers since they create an impeccable and unique in your vintage luxury watch. The linen pattern combines relatively well with a chunky steel bracelet and forms a combination of well-designed features from the past. Honeycomb or waffle pattern consists of a grid-like pattern, almost like the shape of a diamond, and its popularity dates back to the 50s and 60s. Meanwhile, brushed metal is used to create a much simpler look yet it remains one of the most remarkable and simplest looks from the vintage era. 

Traditional Color Combinations

Colors are the quintessential part of classic vintage designs as they hold a certain level of importance in signifying the relevance of each vintage watch. Bright colors became relatively popular in the late 60s to 70s and they were often incorporated into the dial itself or on the watch hands and markers. Colorful hues of red, yellow, orange and blue are known to create a distinctive and suave blend of vintage aesthetics.  

Bracelet Adjustments 

While thick and chunky bracelets are well-adapted in the modern watchmaking world, a vintage theme follows a style of lighter watch bracelets. Bracelets that are less heavy and bulky are the top trends of the past that are making a comeback as they tend to be more comfortable yet they manage to maintain the polished and refined look that is better suited for men. 

The Size Factor 

Modern watches over the years have become bigger in size than ever before with diameters going over 40mm. In comparison, vintage watches that date back to the mid-20th century were around 34mm to 38mm in size and that makes it the best option for your luxury vintage watch. With the demand for smaller watches rapidly rising, these vintage designs are becoming the popular option in watches worn by most men. 

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