Turn your watch into an individual affair


Owning a watch is a definite fashion statement that enhances the look of any outfit with its sophisticated appearance. To further beautify and personalize it to your particular taste, you can customize a watch to meet your needs. The customizations include those made to the straps, bezels and dials. To turn your watch into a completely individual affair, the following tips can help guide the process.

1. Dials

Any watch dial can be customized to either change its color as a whole or to add more specific modifications. Depending on your style and choice, gemstones can be installed on your wristwatch in the color, design and cut of your personal taste. You can choose from a wide variety of stones: Be it rubies, sapphires, emeralds, diamonds or black onyx that are sourced from leading suppliers throughout Russia, Australia, Canada and India. 

Your bespoke jewelry experts can create any pattern with the chosen precious stones and make your watch unique. Depending on the desired design – a rainbow for example – a combination of multiple stones and colors can also be used to achieve that result. These stones can be added to replace or change any of the numbers or markers on the dial as well. If there are any mood boards that have inspired you to make the customization, you can present that to us to have the perfect dial created for your watch.

2. Bezels

To add to the beauty of your dial, the bezels of your watch can also be personalized to fit your taste. Similar to recreating dials, new bezels can be created by either replacing it with a different color plated bezel or by adding gemstones. Both options are available in a variety of colors to suit your needs and wants. The gemstones can also be placed in a color gradation to create a specific design or form that you have in mind.

The color of each gemstone can be delivered in the exact clarity and cut that you desire. For diamonds in particular, G or H colors that appear clear white are usually hand-selected by experts in a SI, V, VVS or VS clarity to deliver the best kind of quality for your watches. These can then be inserted into the bezel of your watch according to your expectations. This will enhance the look of your dial as well as the appearance of the entire watch. 

3. Straps

If your luxury watch comes with a leather or rubber strap, you can change the style of the strap by opting for any color or style available for the particular watch model. If you own a watch with ceramic or metal chain for a strap, multiple modifications can be made to have it personalized for you. You can choose to add gemstones to only the bands of each link on the metal strap or to have them attached to the entire strap. 

Any particular color or gradation can also be chosen to personalize the watch further. Many experts also offer designs on the straps that have different sizes of precious stones for specific parts of the time piece. Your watch customization expert can also make changes to the clasp along with the whole strap that adds to the elegance of your wristwatch. 

You can turn your watch into a completely unique piece by choosing to make modifications to any and every possible part of the watch. This will compliment your signature style and taste in outfits on any day of the year. Visit a bespoke watch specialist today to create a piece that is not only as special as you are, but also reflects your personality and taste.

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