Upgrade Your Style With Diamond Customizations That Are Made For Your Timepiece


Diamonds are the most intricate accessories that can upgrade your bespoke timepiece in a special and unique way. They are known to add an exorbitant amount of value to your custom made watch through their luxurious exterior and strong properties that can enhance the style of your watch. 

When it comes to diamond customizations, there are several different ways in which you can upgrade your watch through a variety of diamond settings. The following ways of utilizing various forms of custom made diamond designs will instantly elevate the impression of your watch. 

Black Diamonds

Due to their bold and powerful appearance, black diamonds are quite in demand when it comes to bespoke timepieces and have taken the spotlight as the highlight of the most custom made watches. Black diamonds gained their popularity around the earlier 20th century when they became the center stone in various pieces of jewelry. 

Timepieces inherit a distinctive and unique look when they are adorned by black diamonds due to their dark and shiny shade and it helps set your watch apart from others and portrays a strong impression of yourself through their appearance as well. 

Colorful Or Monochromatic Additions

You will find that different colored diamonds can go very well with a variety of straps and dials. Silver diamonds go relatively well with leather straps to create a sleek and lustrous exterior for your custom made watch. Another way to upgrade your watch customization game is to pair a blue dial with gold colored diamonds dotted all around the bezel and they can be found within the dial itself for added effect as well. 

Silver diamonds with a stainless steel bracelet carry a priceless and valuable representation of luxury for men. With its gleaming appearance, you can stand out amongst any kind of crowd with this special diamond customization. Rainbow colored diamond additions are another commendable option that can elevate your watch to a distinctive level.

Diamond Dotted Bracelets

For many timepieces, diamond layering on the watch strap or bracelet seems to be an ideal option these days. Especially used on a three-piece linked band design, you have the option of having every inch of the bracelet adorned with your choice of diamonds so that the timepiece can adopt a brilliant sheen to its appearance. 

You can choose to layer the diamonds on the side of the watch band in a uniform color or cover every single crevice of the band with different shades of diamonds in order to show off an impressive overlay of the precious diamonds. 

Diamonds On The Bezel 

Although the diamond bezel setting is known to be one of the oldest practices in jewelry making, they are held to a high standard in the modern watchmaking world. Diamonds can be used to encircle the bezel surrounding the dial in any way that fits.

It is a classic method when it comes to diamond customization for your timepiece and it creates an exceptional yet pristine look for any watch. You can combine any color on the bezel diamonds and pair it marvelously with the other features of your custom-made watch such as the dial and watch band or bracelet. 

An exemplary style of diamond customization encompasses the perfect blend of your ideal taste along with your alluring and charming qualities. Visit our Cagau stores and bring your vision of excellent diamond customization style for your custom made watch. 

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