What are the most famous diamonds in the world?

Diamonds are beautiful creations that are each unique to their cut, style and design in a way that is not replicable at all. The brilliant shine, strength and size of these precious stones have captured the attention of so many people across centuries and civilizations. The most famous diamonds to ever exist in history and listed below to show how these gemstones have transformed the perception of beauty.

1. The Cullinan

Also recognized as the Great Star of Africa, the Cullinan is known to be the largest rough diamond ever found in a place in Africa with the same name. It is recorded to have weighed nearly 3000 carats and was named after the gentleman that found it. It has since been divided into nine major diamonds and around 100 smaller ones. One of them can be found as part of the Queen of England’s crown and treasury and is at display in the Tower of London for visitors to see.

2. The Excelsior

This is known as the second-largest diamond found in history that weighed around 995 carats in the rough form it was found. Although no physical evidence remains of its existence at present, it is still a myth that is believed to have recorded this stone’s presence some time in history. 

3. The Orloff

The Orloff is said to be a blue and green-hued diamond found during the Mughal empire in India when the stone was kept as a part of a Hindu God’s statue at a local temple. It is believed that it was stolen by a French soldier who later sold it to an English merchant for monetary compensation. It was later traded to a Russian royalty known as Orloff who then brought it into his Russian empire where it now resides in the treasury. There is also a story about how Napoleon the Great almost took away the stone when he found it.

4. The Centenary

This nearly 300-carat diamond was said to be found in the rough at a nearly 600-carat weight. It was later taken in by a master to have it cut and presented as the most perfect diamond with about 250 facets that give the stone a spectacular shine and look. It is considered to be the most modern cut, flawless and color perfect diamond that has the clearest clarity ever known. It is now on display in the Tower of London with the Cullianan. 

5. Kohinoor

The infamous “mountain of light” diamond that has an oval cut is currently a part of the British Crown Jewels. Found in India, this diamond has a long history, one of the lengthiest ones than any other diamond. Beginning from the 14th century, it has traveled to multiple empires and crowns and has been notoriously stolen and found many times in history. It finally landed in the hands of the British Empire that presented it to Queen Victoria who had it cut down from 1986 carat to nearly 108 to fit her brooch that later became a crown. It is on display with other diamonds at the Tower of London.

6. The Regent

This diamond is said to have been found by an Indian slave and later acquired by a British official who sent the diamond to England to be cut and better designed. This 410-carat diamond was reduced to 140 carats and was later traded to the French Crown, who owned it for several generations. Napoleon Bonaparte at a later point obtained it and set it on his sword that is displayed at the Louvre museum in Paris.

7. The Blue Hope

This “blue diamond of the crown” was present in France prior to the French revolution and was later stolen and resurfaced in London. It was then bought by a wealthy family there who spent the rest of their lives in misfortune that is famously attributed to the diamond. The same fate stood true to the next family owner of the diamond as well. It is currently on display for onlookers at the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, USA. 

These seven most famous diamonds and their history indicate a story that is unique to their own journeys and times. To create such memories and narrative of your own, purchase a diamond and insert it into your favorite piece of jewelry or watch with our experts at Cagau that specialize in these customizations. Visit our store today and discover a multitude of ideas to incorporate diamonds into your favorite accessories.  

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