Why men turn to watches when it comes to accessories

When it comes to choosing accessories for men, or when the option is offered to us to select one, we are more likely to choose a watch. The perfect piece of jewelry that offers us a variety of emotional benefits and complimenting features. Let’s take a look at why this is considered a primary choice in accessory wear:

1. Convenient Companion

A watch is a very easy accessory that can be worn in combination with any outfit and for any activity. Irrespective of any weather conditions and time of the day, a wristwatch is the most stylish tool to tell us the time. It does not require any constant charging to keep it going which makes it convenient and hassle-free. Furthermore, it only requires a quick glance to get information such as the date, day, time, temperature and even pressure. As these features differ from model to model, it makes it even more exciting to have more than just one watch for different occasions and needs. 

2. Functional in Every Aspect

Hands down, we like it practical: A watch needs little maintenance and is therefore a highly functional piece of accessory. Some special watches offer features that are known as complications, which additionally enhance the functionality of our watch. Additional features include stopwatches and a moonphase that informs us about the lunar phases of the moon.

3. Timeless Simplicity

Irrespective of the complications that each wrist watch offers, the mechanics that help to run such features remain simple and methodical. Unlike phones that work on charged batteries to stay updated, watches heavily rely on traditional gears and other mechanical features. This ensures that our watch keeps going for many years while staying technologically advanced and optimal. You know we have a lot going on during our day – and our watch keeps up with our pace without causing us any unnecessary delays. 

4. Unique as We Are

Easier than any other accessory our watch can be customized to exactly represent who we are. There are many possibilities that give us the freedom to tailor our time piece according to our specific need, style, color or look. For example, customizations can be made to the dial, bezel, straps and clasps by adding gemstones or simply changing the accessories to a color that is better suited to our desire

In addition to this design centered personalization, multiple types of watches are manufactured to provide special features relevant to certain professions. These come in handy for the pilots amongst us or the ones in the army, navy and air forces. This ensures that we can choose a watch that caters to our occupation and lets us perform better, be better.

5. A Symbol of Life’s Value

Ideally our watch accompanies us our whole life, making it a perfect heirloom to gift to our children and grandchildren. It stands for a legacy that represents the happiness of a fulfilled and content life. A symbol for the time that we have spent in happiness with friends and family. This token of strength, valor, bravery, boldness and courage is being handed over to its next bearer. As each watch is unique in its craftsmanship – just like us – it will definitely make for a distinct and unforgettable piece to give over to our next generation.

No man is the same as another – and the same goes for his watch. Visit us at Cagau to customize your watch and craft it to your unique needs and taste.

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