As we move forward to 2021, we envision an exciting future to push the Cagau brand further. 2021 is all about YOU. We cannot wait to provide an even more comprehensive range of services, exclusive products, and a deeper, more in-depth level of customisations that aim to express each of our clients' individuality, style, and personality. 

One of the key highlights we have for 2021 is the opening of our new luxury showroom in Gold & Diamond Park, as well as the launch of custom ladies watches. Of course, we will also be expanding our jewellery collection to cater to our clients' different needs. 

No matter what 2020 brought, we are truly thankful for our rapid growth and the clients and followers that have supported us along the way. Since day one, our priority has always been providing the very best customer experience to our clients– and that will always remain.



We established ourselves in the industry as one of the key players and 2020 was all about pushing the Cagau brand further. We introduced greater services and products, more adventurous customisations, and continued to push the boundaries with what we do.

This year brought unprecedented global disruption, and we are truly grateful to all of our clients and followers that have supported us along the way. This immense support enabled us to achieve rapid growth during a year with so much uncertainty. Our jewellery collection sky-rocketed during 2020; we created some insanely intricate designs and explored a variety of diamond setting types that our master jewelers executed with precision and skill.

Our number one priority since day one has always been providing the very best customer experience to our clients – and that will always remain.



This year has seen many milestones achieved we never thought possible when we started back in 2016. Our social media growth was quite astounding, and we hit 100,000 followers on Instagram, we customized our very first Richard Mille watch for a client (a huge thing for a client to trust us to basically drill holes into their $250,000 watch). We also started undertaking diamond setting work for trade clients (jewellers & watch dealers all over the world) who wanted to provide a high-quality service and fast turnaround on their requirements for diamond set watches, a part of our business that is growing on a daily basis. We also opened a new head office in Business bay, Dubai!



In 2018, we really started to push the boundaries with watch customisation. We decided on a plan to fully customise two very iconic Rolex sports models… the Hulk and the Batman. Something that had not been done before and was always going be a gamble… but something that if it worked, would firmly put us on the industry map! The reaction/response was amazing and the positive feedback via Instagram (our main social media platform) was overwhelming. To date our custom Hulks remain one of our most popular pieces ever!



After establishing our brand and learning everything we could about the industry and how we could stand out and make a difference – 2017 was the year we started to gain some significant traction. We started out initially by customizing Cartier Santos watches, along with steel Rolex GMT’s (the “Pepsi”). We offered custom diamond bezels & diamond setting - some with stones on the bracelet, and some without. We loved this classic customisation, however, it got us thinking…. what if we could change the colours on the bezels to anything we like?! And so, we made it happen.

 Subsequently, this led us on to customize many of the of Rolex sports models (GMT’S & Submariners). From this we were fortunate enough to gain our very first celebrity client (based in the USA) who contacted us to purchase one of these watches. He very kindly posted what he bought from us on his Instagram account (which had over 4 million followers at the time) and the business gained significant recognition overnight!



From humble beginnings back in 2016, Cagau was initially founded as a lifestyle business. Little did we know at the time, what would become of the business several years later! It all started with one watch… and a passion for luxury watches & diamonds - our founder wanted to add diamonds to a watch already in his collection. After struggling to find a company to manage his requirements, he finally entrusted a company to do it…. which subsequently resulted in the watch being ruined! This was one of those lightbulb moments, he decided there had to be a better solution… and so Cagau was born! The very first watch we customised was a Chanel J12 – we added our first diamond bezel & the story began….

Cagau - what does the name mean? A question we often get asked! Originally, we also were going to do jewellery (something we may re-visit in the near future) and we wanted to create our own brand, recognisable worldwide… simply put it’s made up from the periodic table of elements. “C” (Carbon aka diamonds) “AG” (Silver) “AU” (Gold)… so diamonds, silver & gold.


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Not only do we offer a bespoke product, but an unmatched level of customer service. Purchasing a timepiece through Cagau is a very significant investment, and we endeavour to offer a truly VIP experience to all of our clients. Once you have worked with us you will be a client for life.

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