Diamond & Bezels: A Guide To Selecting The Perfect Diamond Suited For Different Bezel Shapes


If you have already purchased your luxury watch from your favorite brand and looking forward to a touch of personalization, a diamond addition is a perfect choice. It takes a tremendous amount of planning for custom watch specialists to outfit an existing watch with diamonds. Hence, you may need to know in choosing the best diamonds that suit most to your timepiece. This article discusses a guide to selecting the perfect diamond suited for different bezel shapes for your reference.

What Is A Watch Bezel?

The bezel is the component that surrounds the crystal and the outer face of your watch. The two main types of watch bezels are categorized under two main sections, decorative and functional. Similar to the name interpretation, the decorative bezels highlight the aesthetic appearance, whereas the functional ones are designed for specific uses.

Oystersteel Round bezel

You can simply opt for white diamonds or colored ones for round watch bezels according to your preference. If your dial consists of dark colors like blue or green, you can use colored gemstones in a dichromatic way to enhance the look. The hues can bring out a more dressy and elevated look, complementing the overall appearance.

Octagonal Shape

If you have selected a luxury watch made of an octagonal shape with a horizontally embossed dial, you can intoxicate a mix of round and baguette-cut diamonds on your bezel. The addition can enhance your timepiece’s prestige and make you a proud owner of a rich, classy watch.

Colored Haribo Bezel

These custom-made gold-plated Haribo bezels are ideal for showing off multi-colored gemstones. You can add sapphires, rubies, or other types of colored gemstones and blend them with diamonds to upscale the luxuriousness of your branded watch.

Count-up Bezels

Count-up or dive bezels are popular among water sports. The watch bezel can count the elapsed time from the set point. Generally, these watches are massive in size and are ideal for customizing by adding a few diamonds. You can enjoy the beauty of your underwater along with the luminescence for visibility underwater.

Baguette-Cut For Chronographs

This functional watch with a combined stopwatch is a favorite of most men. Generally, the watches are composed of three dials a second, minute, and an hour to register the time elapsed. A baguette-cut diamond or rectangular-shaped diamond with 14 facets is ideal to upscale chronographs’ iconic looks.

How To Select The Perfect Diamond

After purchasing a luxury watch, it is essential to ensure that you are making the personalization with the best diamonds for an upscale look. The size and the patterns of diamond lines can vary each watch where you can opt for 1-3 lines of diamond or cover the entire bezel with diamond settings.

The addition of diamonds to the bezel is one of the most popular trends in luxury watch customizations. A few raw clear-cut diamonds can enhance the look of your timepiece, and the resemblance will never go out of style with its authenticity. You can get guidance from your watch specialist on selecting the correct pattern and size of diamond for your watch.

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