Exploring Sport Watches & Their Importance In The Luxury Watch Market 100


It’s critical to have all of the necessary equipment and gear for any outdoor or athletic event. If you can’t keep track of your speed, finishing a marathon or a car race will be more difficult. Aside from the benefits on the day of the event, your gear and equipment will assist you in achieving your goals during practice. Watches are one of the most useful and effective pieces of sporting equipment.

Watches have progressed from being a simple accessory to a more complex piece of machinery over time. It now has more features to help you improve your craft, including the ability to track indoor and outdoor activities. And if you’re looking for the best timepiece, luxury sports watches are always a good choice.

History of the Sports Watch

The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak and Patek Philippe’s Nautilus were created within five years of each other in the 1970s, making them two of the most iconic watches ever made. The former was inspired by vintage diving helmets, while the latter was inspired by ship portholes.

Both were the brainchild of Gérald Genta, the most influential watch designer of the twentieth century and both featured integrated bracelets, which avoided the standard lug and springbar setup used to attach most watch straps in favor of a seamless connection between case and bracelet.

They created and dominated a new market segment dominated by high-end, finely crafted steel timepieces.

The stainless-steel Royal Oak of 1972 established a completely new category. The luxury sports watch, which is thriving and stronger than it has ever been. The Royal Oak’s design is immensely powerful and recognizable, and it has become one of Gérald Genta’s most iconic designs, which is why it is still relevant and contemporary nearly 50 years later.

The Sports Watch and the Luxury Watch Market

The luxury sports watch market is booming like never before. You’ll understand what we mean if you try to find an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak or a Patek Philippe Nautilus in a store. More and more brands, including more recently independent watchmakers and more accessible brands, are responding to the unstoppable trend for luxury sports watches. 

This results in a wide range of retail prices for these watches, ranging from AED 2,500 for a Tissot PRX Powermatic 80 to AED 200,000 for a Laurent Ferrier Auto Sport, for example.

The high-end watch market is currently the most dynamic, and the brands that suffered the most during the pandemic were often those with weak story-telling, poor differentiation, and lower price positioning. The luxury sports watch market is in high demand and dominated by a few iconic and high-priced products, so it’s understandable that some brands are positioning their watches in higher price categories.

Sports watches come in a variety of colors and hides. They can be found in any rough-and-tumble environment, from Wimbledon’s Centre Court to the Circuit de Monaco’s terrifying turns to the meeting rooms of city financial districts. They have the ability to perform amazing mechanical feats. They appear on the victorious athletes’ wrists just in time for the obligatory podium shot. They become better watches for successful people who want to reconnect with their youth’s pastimes or active professionals who want to flaunt their ‘off duty’ interests on their wrist.

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