Leather & Stone: 4 Unique Customizations You Can Make To Your Leather Strapped Watch

The combination of leather and gemstones goes very well with one another, given the color brightness that is reflected in the leather straps of a watch. As leather is well known to absorb color pigments, having leather straps that are also accessorized with gemstones can make your timepiece truly unique. 

The added texture of the leather can help your combination stand out in the best way possible while exuberating a sense of class and style that is unprecedented. The four most optimal combinations that bring together the best out of leather and gemstones are described below to help you make the right customizations to your timepiece.  

Black And All

Black is the color described as the absence of all colors and a well-matched selection for any accessory or outfit. It is often the most popular selection for men when it comes to investing in a custom made watch as its simplicity in color tone shines more spotlight on the texture of the leather. This makes it a fantastic choice when complementing the timepiece with customizations of your desire. The basic color scheme will ensure that you can add gemstones of any color, brightness, cut and size as it will be the highlight on the face of the watch. 

The best-recommended one includes diamonds as they appear as a white stone that brings further contrast to the black leather. Besides those, using rubies, emeralds, sapphires, and even black stones for a complete dark and dusky look will help upgrade the look of your watch. Opting for the entire spectrum of colors through the rainbow organization of gemstones can also help your watch be the statement piece it is crafted to be. 

Brown Tones Mix

For classic looks that deliver volumes through their own display, combining brown leather straps with a classy selection of gemstones is an easy feat to achieve. As brown suggests an earthy tone, it is well-combined with emeralds that bring out the green essence of nature and complete the piece is a subtle manner. Diamonds, a man’s best friend, will bring in just the right amount of excellence to the watch and illuminate the dial enough to make a statement. 

Selecting red through rubies might not be particularly desirable as the tones of brown and red often class one another on the color spectrum if not combined with another color to neutralize the flares in colors. For a darker look, the brown straps of your watch can be complemented with black stones that reflect the minimal amount of light yet hold sufficient shine to make your timepiece look understated yet dramatic enough for a variety of looks. 

Blue Tones And More

Diamond watches are often chosen in the pretext of a blue leather strap as it speaks professional and casual styles in the best manner possible. Be it for a mid-day outing or an important client meeting, and your leather-strapped timepiece can speak for itself when complimented well with diamonds.  

Besides these precious stones, combining blue leather straps with black stones can also be an interesting match as the tones of both colors produce a wonderful blend. Not only does this offer a rugged look as a whole but can also highlight the intricate details of the watch by providing just enough attention to other complications and watch features.   

Wild Colors For Both

Watchmakers create customized watches that are not brilliant in craft but also in color. Depending on your preference, picking a watch that has a brighter and wider spectrum of colors such as red, burgundy, green or even mustard yellow among many others is an absolute possibility. Although the color might seem to be an anomaly in the customization market, it can be easily worked with given the grander variety of colors that are also present in gemstones. 

Any and every stone can be used for the above-mentioned colors as the colors will form apt contrast that will enhance the entire appeal of the watch.

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