Diamond Renditions: Spotlight Your Luxury Watch By Personalizing It With Diamonds


There are a wide variety of luxury watches available for purchase in the UAE, many from highly esteemed watch houses. However, these tend not to be unique standalone pieces. Therefore, if one wants to make their timepiece stand out amongst others, the best choice would be to add diamonds. Customized watches with valuable jewels laid on them have become significantly popular. In this blog, we will explore why one should opt for the precious gem. 

It adds value to the watch.

Diamonds are a valuable gemstone, and if they set on watches, the value of the latter increases exponentially. Collectors also find customized diamond watches highly desirable as they are unique; thus, prices can easily double or triple the original price if auctioned. 

However, one needs to keep in mind that the size of diamonds does not matter when it comes to watches. Large gemstones can look out of place on the watch and may take a significant amount of space, making it more challenging to see the time. The value of jewels on a timepiece is by the number and overall weight of the stones than a single stone’s carat. So using a lot of small gems is better than a few big ones.

It increases the watch’s significance.

Every person has a watch they hold dear. It could be a piece that has a special meaning or a great visual appearance. An individual could make this timepiece more significant by giving it a diamond afterset. It gives it a bespoke image, increases its value, and makes it stand out more prominently when worn by the individual. 

It has to be noted that people should be careful when making changes to existing watches. Designers create them in a precise manner; therefore, they will only have what they need. If a piece were not meant to carry stones on its bezel, it would not have space for it. Trying to lay diamonds down without the proper expertise could damage the wristwatch, especially during the delicate process of removing metal to place the gemstones. 

Suppose an individual does not take sufficient care. In that case, they could cause microscopic cracks that could result in metal fatigue and eventually cause the watch to break. Therefore, it is best to seek an experienced professional to carry out customizations for a favorite timepiece. 

It is pretty affordable if a person chooses to do an afterset.

One might think that diamond watches can be costly. While this is true, if a person does opt for an after-set, it is significantly more affordable. When made in a factory, due to the artistry and the brand name, the price can be much higher than the cost of production. 

However, if a person chooses to buy a regular up-scale timepiece and then add the gemstones afterward, they will mostly pay for the stones and the workmanship. Therefore, they will be able to enjoy owning a unique branded diamond watch at a much lower price tag. 

Luxury timepieces can add elegance and sophistication to an individual’s collection of watches. Incorporating diamonds in these pieces will make them shine more prominently and give their wearer a stylish and classy appearance.

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