Luxury Signs: What Makes Best Luxury Watches With An Upscale Elegance


Regular or custom luxury watches are elegant and beautiful to behold if they are crafted using high-quality materials and techniques. Those made with sub-standard resources and shoddy workmanship will lack the same elegance. They will also have a low resale value regardless of their initial price. To avoid making an expensive mistake, a person needs to know the signs they need to look for when purchasing a timepiece.

The movement type

The movement is the most significant aspect of the watch and is the mechanism that contributes to the progression of time. There are two main movements; mechanical or quartz. The former is commonly more valuable than the other. However, there are a few exceptions if the latter is of high quality and designed by a luxury watchmaker. 

The best luxury brands mostly create the movement component in-house. They are usually handmade, thus making them elegant and bespoke timepieces. 

The quality of the jewels

Precious stones add a luxurious aspect to a watch; therefore, it is commonly found on upscale pieces. However, the quality of the gemstone is crucial in deciding its actual worth and appearance. Jewels can be sourced from many places, and they come in a wide range of quality. The latter refers to the cut, sparkle, and polish of a jewel. The more it shines, the higher it is worth. 

Some watchmakers may use a lower quality stone while still charging premium prices. Suppose a person purchases without actually looking at the stone properly. If so, they will be in for a nasty surprise when they realize the timepiece does not have the luxurious appearance that its price tag suggested. 

While trusted luxury brands such as Rolex and Cartier, to name a few, use high-quality jewels, one needs to be more careful when going for customized watches. It is better to choose a highly reputed company to design them, and a person should also ask about the stones and where they are sourced from. If possible, also ask for proof of authenticity.

The crystal type

Crystals are the face of a timepiece, and their smooth and clear appearance is crucial for a person to see the time. They are the transparent material that covers the dial of a watch, protecting it from damage. They can come in different materials, such as acrylic or mineral glass. However, luxury watches favor sapphire crystals.

They have a smooth texture and are highly durable as they are resistant to scratches. Most importantly, they are stunning to look at. The value of the crystal and the complex manufacturing process contributes heavily to the price of the timepiece. However, a person needs to be careful as not all sapphire crystals are of the same quality.

The crystal can be either naturally or artificially sourced, with the former being more valuable than the other. The thickness and shape can also vary. A high-quality crystal will also receive anti-reflective treatment to reduce glare.

The most luxurious and elegant crystals will be naturally sourced, have a dome shape and a thickness of more than four millimeters. They will also have anti-reflective treatment.

Suppose a person intends to purchase bespoke regular or custom watches. In that case, they need to pay attention to the above and ensure that they are crafted with high-quality materials. To avail your unique timepiece, visit our showroom or send a query via email. 

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