Watch Customisation For Men: Ways In Which It Can Make The Perfect Timepiece For A Suited Profession


Every timepiece is designed to reflect the person’s personality or their profession. Customised watches can be used to make a statement in the professional world through various styles and combinations on your timepiece. In an occupational setting, wearing a functional luxury watch signifies elegance and maturity in an individual. It highlights your qualities and marks you off as someone who values their time and you appear as reliable to many people. 

The following professions listed below carry a unique customisation factor that makes every timepiece significant to the occupation. 

Fit For A CEO 

As a CEO, your custom-made watch should reflect your confidence, sophistication, and your dignified persona. Many tend to gravitate towards silver or gold customisations for their bespoke timepiece as CEO’s carry accessories that aren’t too flashy in order to blend in with their daily suit and tie ensemble. 

With a silver or gold bezel, metallic colored dials match perfectly with a leather strap and makes the watch remarkably perfect for a CEO. The subtle elegance that exudes from a watch of this make sends a strong message of the importance a CEO’s position holds within an organization. 

An Architect’s Watch 

Architects aim to make a statement with their custom-made watch that emphasizes their bold and unusual way of thinking. They choose elements of their timepiece in such a manner that it emanates a feeling of creativity and strong imagination. 

An architect’s pick involves choosing a watch face that is of an entirely different shape than the usual square or round shape and, unlike any other traditional designs, their preferences lie on the border of something completely new and experimental. The watch face can also feature various geometric patterns with the size of the dial ranging from different sizes. 

The Politician’s Impression 

The perfect watch for a politician needs to emit an aura of power and significance. This type of custom-made watch has to stand out heavily in the crowd and highlight the value of time in this profession. It also needs to match with a classic politician’s outfit consisting of a suit and tie. 

When it comes to these aspects, platinum, silver, or rose gold watches seem to stand out the most. A heavy metallic watch including these three colors radiate richness and they genuinely go along with any chosen suit.  

An Engineer’s Passion 

When it comes to engineers, they love to indulge in machinery, design, and functional aspects of many equipment and it remains the same when it comes to their chosen timepiece. Titanium watches that are significantly larger in size are quite common in the engineering world. 

Engineers tend to prefer watch faces that clearly portray the mechanic of the watch underneath. They also like the auxiliary dial feature where the date can be displayed. While these customisation features are quite common, engineers might also prefer the timeless and traditional metallic and leather timepieces. 

An outstanding watch has all of the complex features that complements each occupation immensely and the quality satisfies your style. Your choice of customisation can have a great impact on the type of impression you want to leave behind and how your profession fits into that. 

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