What makes the perfect watch?

A watch is a symbol of refined status and contributes a huge deal to a person’s style and display of personality. Therefore, it becomes necessary for you to find a perfect timepiece that allows for such meaning to be incorporated within its look and reflect your personality. You can achieve this whenever you make an investment in a good watch if you consider the most important factors listed in the following guide.

1. The Features

One of the first factors that you will consider as you decide to purchase a watch is the features that it offers. This makes the timepiece different from others and defines it as a pioneer in its own brand. The basic features that almost every watch under any brand name offers is an aperture that shows the date and month. In addition to this feature, many fine ones offer a moon phase feature that shows the lunar phases of the moon which can be useful for astronomical purposes. Some others also show the pressure and altitude which adds to the complexity of the watch.

Another feature that perfect watches have in common is their incredible watch glass material. Those that have sapphire glass are seen as supreme quality and are well combined with ceramic straps. Although leather, stainless steel, gold and titanium links are amongst other famous types of straps, ceramic ones are considered to be the most resistant to scratches of them all. Also having the whole watch be waterproof can further add to the list of desirable characteristics that a watch should have. 

2. The Style 

Every watch is made for a particular type of occasion, and particularly in complement to the attire. If you work in an office, bank or other similar establishments and wear suits and other professional apparel every day, you require a dress watch. These watches are made to suit this style of dress code and bring further appeal to the clothes and accessories. They are usually simple in their appearance and features along with leather straps that complete the refined yet modest look. 

For parties and other celebratory occasions, a different kind of watch that is trendier and flashier can be worn in combination with your attire. This can also be applied in terms of the professions that people lead in lives. For pilots and aeronautical professionals, watches are custom made in the market to suit their needs and requirements in the best way possible. This will not only help them while they work their day and night away but also be made with materials that suit their occupation. 

This is also true for individuals who spend their leisure time or professional life as divers, swimmers or racers and need watches that cater to these activities. Army personnel can also purchase a style of watch that provides more comfort and information that is relevant to their duty and style of work.   

3. Further Customizations 

Each watch can be further enhanced to perfectly match your style and look with the help of customizations. Tailored to the needs of such specializations, there is an industry of bespoke watch specialists like our experts at Cagau who can add the factor of extravagance to your favorite watch.

Be it adding more color by changing the straps to another material and shade or inserting gemstones of your preference into the bezel, strap or dial of the match, each need can be met with finesse. You can also choose the type of gold or precious stone insertion you want and customize the watch in a way that fits your fashion.

The perfect watch is one that you can select and further customize to have all components of your checklist fulfilled. Experience complete satisfaction by approaching our watch customization specialist at our Cagau showroom and create your bespoke timepiece today.

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