Blue Dials: A Versatile Detail That Can Upgrade Your Watch Collection


When it comes to purchasing a luxury watch that complements your style and personality, you can opt for one with a blue dial that symbolizes serenity, inspiration, and wisdom. Be it smoldering cobalt, breezy turquoise, or deep navy blue, each shade is bound to add more color and vibrancy to your outfit. Upgrade your watch collection with an addition that truly matters, a unique blue dial that is custom made to further reflect masculinity at its finest. 

Installing It Anew

A brand new dial can be installed to your favorite timepiece if you would rather change a watch from your present collection than purchasing a brand new one. This would entail having the original dial replaced altogether with a custom-built that is tailored to the dimensions and design of the watch. 

Depending on your particular color choice, the bespoke watchmakers can create a new dial or you could choose a piece from their private collection that contains details of their own. Either option will guarantee you the desirable blue shade as well as will transform the dial of your watch entirely. 

Creating One From Scratch 

Building a watch from scratch is an absolute possibility when you give your timepiece for customizations. You can choose to either replace the dial as a whole with a blue-toned one or add new specifications that make the dial appear blue. For a blue shade that also sparkles under light, adding blue diamonds or sapphires to your dial can help make the deal. 

Not only would the dial gain a blue hue but it would also upgrade the look of your watch and make it truly one of a kind. In the pattern of your choosing, the gemstones can be arranged to enhance the shape and size of your watch dial and give it a bespoke look. These stones can be complemented with a white metal of your choice – gold or platinum – for the most optimal upgrade and a complete customized watch creation. 

Other Blue Additions

If you want to extend the blue theme to other parts of the watch, your next target must be the bezel. You can have a blue-colored bezel installed with the specifications that meet your requirements. Whether studded with gemstones or in a plain coated metal of your choice, either option can help infuse a stunning blue hue to your watch. 

Furthermore, the straps of your watch can also be altered to achieve the same. By adding blue leather straps to your timepiece, your watch can be a true union of the blue theme along with other additions. You can also choose to add gemstone detailing in blue onto the straps that will give you the desired shade and a luxurious diamond watch look like no other. 

A versatile detail can be added to your watch collection with blue dials that are bespoke made to your preferences. At Cagau, our experts can help your watch gain the perfect blue upgrade that you have been waiting for.

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