Straps & Gemstones: 3 Sleek Watch Customizations That Make A Perfect Combination Together

A luxury watch is a prized possession, and having a customized one can give a more personalized look while complementing the style and personality. The customization can be incorporated into any part of the watch and reflect the authenticity of its owner. However, affixing gemstones or diamonds into the watch strap is one of the most popular combinations in custom diamond watches. This article will look into three sleek watch customizations that integrate straps and gemstones to make a perfect combination.

Diamonds For Your Oyster Strap

The oyster bracelet design is one of the most popular designs and has been a staple in the Rolex family for over 70 years since its introduction in 1947. Initially, the watch was composed of only flat links. It has introduced more comprehensive patterns that include riveted, folded, and solid connections to evolve with time.

You can find different sizes of the oyster bracelet depending on your selected watch type. With the help of custom diamond watch specialists, you can add diamonds to the oyster strap to elevate its look and add more luxuriousness and personalization to your watch. The diamonds can be outlined in the middle or ends of the straps as per your preference.

Gemstones For President Watch Band

This is another popular luxury watch band and a top choice among collectors. These bracelets are meticulously crafted in gold and platinum. Personalizing them with an addition of your preferred gemstone can make you an owner of a unique and topmost luxury watch.

The straps are made of shorter links, making it more comfortable to the wrist. You can add diamonds or other precious gemstones to your midline of the straps for a rich and sophisticated look. The addition can increase the value of your luxury purchase along with the unique look.

Royal Oak Metal Combined With Diamonds

Royal Oak Metal straps are one of the most popular styles in Audemars Piguet. The belt comes with dials consisting of numerous watch movements, which include simpler to complex models. Depending on your wrist size, you can opt from 33mm-41mm sizes.

The steel strap is more straightforward and plain. You can add a few precious gemstones to this trap to elevate the overall look of your newly purchased luxury watch. The personalized look will make you highlight in the crowd along with a set of constant comments filled with admiration about your timepiece.

Many luxury watches may focus more on the dial and less on the strap or keep the straps plain. Adding a few gemstones and personalizing them can elevate the look instantly and increase the value with your personalized taste.

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